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  1. Lil-Pony

    B2 leafspring

    mainly looking at the duff tuff 5-6” leaf and the skyjacker 6” leaf. I’m open to better suggestions. Need a smooth ride for my b2. :beer:
  2. Lil-Pony

    01 explorer 5.0 swap in to a 84 b2

    Already acquired an 01 explorer 5.0 awd hopefully I can modify the output shaft to work on my transfer case. My question is can I use the stock manifolds or do I have to use James duff conversion headers I also want to retain my ac being I live in Texas do I need the conversion radiator or will...
  3. Lil-Pony

    Still having issues

    So if you have read my thread on my b2 you notice that i have done te chevy efi swap. Im still having issues, once the truck warms up and its hot outside 93 degrees plus i have fuel delivery issues. Im not sure if its the pump overheating or the ecm magically dumping tons of fuel. It also...
  4. Lil-Pony

    Project punisher

    Well ive done alot and took very few photos but i thought i might share the progress. First off i installed a 4" spindle lift then a 2 coil spring lift to total 6" Sent from outer space.
  5. Lil-Pony

    Explorer parts in a ranger

    Just bought a donor 2000/01 5.0 explorer 4door for my bronco new motor but while i was driving it to my ranch i got a thorn in my but to swap the fancy interior into my 98 ext cab ranger to gain the climate control, power mirrors windows locks, cruise control, auto rearview mirror, backup...
  6. Lil-Pony

    Project diesel $!ut. Your opinions

    Im thinking about building my self a $!ut. I want to start with an 84-86 b2 frame and either swap the body for a gen1 singlecab Or a 98-04 single cab. Then some bullet proof axels and a stage 1 cummins 4bt. So my mane question is what year body single cab would yall do.... Sent from outer space.
  7. Lil-Pony

    Missing and sputtering

    I have a 98/99 ranger 3.0 that I've put a new coil pack, plugs, wires, and cam position sensor on and it still idles rough when cold putters on acceleration sometimes and throws miss codes every month. Suggestions Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Lil-Pony

    James duff flares HELP

    Recently acquired some of james fender flares and i contacted him to see if they still had the instructions on file. Havent heard back from him. Would any of yall happen to have the instructions laying about!
  9. Lil-Pony

    Ridiculously bright dome light upgrade

    Haha customed 12 leds the rear one
  10. Lil-Pony

    Ridiculously bright dome light upgrade

    Did this yesterday didn't realize how bright it would be, if anyone is interested in me making them one pm me.
  11. Lil-Pony

    Possible cause of wrong fuel level but good sender and gauge.

    Yesterday i was pulling apart my 84 broncos interior and i found a little box in the center console labeled low fuel level something or other, i have the information center in my middle console as well, i got me thinking doe this just sample the fuel level wire or does it modify the resistance...
  12. Lil-Pony

    About to put my 01 explorer v8 in my 98 ranger help

    As the title says i need a little advice. Can i reuse the existing 3.0 motor mount and the 5.0 plates? Where can i find shop manuals to help with the wiring? Should i trash the 01 ecm and find a 98 ecm? Also the 8.8 rear axel, i know i need to flip the perches but what about the driveshaft and...
  13. Lil-Pony

    Pressurized coolant tank swap???

    Just wondering if any one has done this. I would think the tank would need to be the highest point in the system and would it matter what hose, upper/lower, you put the T in to plumb it in. would you also need a couple pound higher cap for the radiator, and match the pounds on the tank cap for...
  14. Lil-Pony

    Possible new family member????

    So ive been offered what appears to be a great deal. 99 ext cab 3.0 auto ranger power everything for 1000$ Down side compressors busted and the motor was removed and some major work done and the oil pump was installed wrong so it can be started... New steering pump, rear main seal, gasket? Dont...
  15. Lil-Pony

    First gen auto shifter

    Same reason my work yota does. Its a "safety" feature. Requires an additional step to get out of park.

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