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  1. librum

    1986 Pinstriping

    Thank you Grumpaw. Slider, why not do real pin striping? I got my striper bottle years ago with jcwhitney. My hand was never steady enough to do the actual brush work.
  2. librum

    instrument panel screw specs

    adsm08, Sorry if I stepped on your toes. That is how I leared it in the Army. Skipping "Wikipediea", I found this: https://www.therangerstation.com/forums/index.php?threads/ford-ranger-generations-1983-present.182361/ Would appear you are correct, in one breakdown system. Tomato/Tomatto on the...
  3. librum

    instrument panel screw specs

    Josh, Yes, that was a valid part number, but the 93 is second generation, and the 92 is first. Still, I tried it. The parts houses show that one as 'superceded' but there is nothing in the 'superceded by' blocks. After a very frustrating convo with our dealership parts department I broke down...
  4. librum

    instrument panel screw specs

    Bought back my 1992 Ranger. But he used it for a parts body. I am trying to put it back together, but some parts missing. The first one is the four screw/bolts that hold the instrument cluster to the chassis. I borrowed these two pics. The red circles show the screws. I need...
  5. librum

    cab exchange.

    92 short cab 2.3 auto rear wheel drive Blown engine, mint cab 89 short cab 2.9 auto four wheel drive. Good engine, cab externally trashed due to side impact, driver side, 'cracked the egg', frame looks good. I am thinking of putting the 92 cab on the 89, same body style. Is there a...
  6. librum

    fuel injecter cross up?

    Strong gas smell, poor mileage, FPR replaced. Stronger. Other work was done, and I expect a pair of injector plugs got crossed. 1/4, 2/5, or 3/6. Engine runs, rough. No codes. Or is it possible for the engine to run with such a cross-up? Injector stuck open? Is there some way to test...
  7. librum

    A/C fitting clamp part numbers

    This to assist anyone else trying to find this very hard to locate part. These clamps go around the fittings to prevent 'blow off' if the spring ring quick connect fails on an A/C line. But these clamps corrode and break, get lost, etc. There are different sizes, 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", maybe more...
  8. librum

    staying closed loop

    Probably having a 'duh' moment... The 89 2.9, having an occasional backfire issue. For t/s purposes only, is there a way to lock into closed loop (paying no attention to the O2 sensor)?
  9. librum

    Code 16?

    89 2.9. smooth, but backfires under load. pulled codes. Two 'goods', but with a memory code of 16. My cribsheet says code 16 is "ignition diagnostic monitor (IDM) not detected". What is that? Where is that? :icon_confused:
  10. librum

    vacuum pressure

    I am also suffering through the dreaded 'not' 41 41 code. But I suspect it is actually a vacuum issue (mushy brakes, cruise unable to hold, misfire under load). What should the vac be on this 89 2.9? I am getting a very solid, with no needle bounce 35 at manifold.
  11. librum

    2.9 timing indicator

    Had to pull the distro, and now having trouble. The engine fired, fast idle, when I punched the throttle to drop from fast idle, it died, and now will not start. No spark at plugs. So I am back checking everything. Either I am slightly off, or fried the Ignition Module. Problem is that the...
  12. librum

    Fuel Filler Tube alternate

    This may be in the wrong section, but the movement and extension of the fuel gate is often done in high lifts, so stuck it here. *** *** The 'fuel gate', #%27936, needs to be moved back towards the rear wheel. Not hard. But the fuel neck, #9034, is too short. Tube in tube? What do the...