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  1. Dana 44 TTB swap questions

    I think that’s the way I will go. Now I just have to decide what Explorer to put them under.
  2. Dana 44 TTB swap questions

    “....a little more to put the 44 in...then the 60... an so on...” That’s exactly it. My friend says “go big or go home broken” Also since price is always a factor and my brother-in-law just offered me an F-350 4x4 for $500 I think SAS Dana 60 with 10.25 rear axle might be in my future...
  3. Dana 44 TTB swap questions

    That’s great info, thanks! I was planning to do a ‘K’ style steering linkage. I wouldn’t have a problem doing a D60 SAS as I have a friend I will be wheeling with that is almost done his Cherokee D60/14bolt conversion with 37” tires. But I’d like to keep the better ride of the TTB and I like to...
  4. Dana 44 TTB swap questions

    That D54 swap would interest me. I’m not familiar with that swap. Is there a build thread or write up somewhere about it? I haven’t seen one.
  5. Dana 44 TTB swap questions

    Are stronger axles for the Dana 44 TTB available? Or is a Dana 60 SAS the only real way to go with 37” tires?
  6. Dana 44 TTB swap questions

    I read about that. It seemed like a small difference, wasn’t sure if it was actually a concern. Is the larger ring gear of the Dana 44 worth having? If I decide to go with 37” tires will the Dana 35 survive with a locker? I’m not particularly hard on parts but you never know when some heavy...
  7. Dana 44 TTB swap questions

    I’ve been hanging around this forum for a few years now. Such an incredible source of information. I currently own a 1994 Ranger extended cab that I swapped in an Explorer rear axle and did all the front axle strength modifications to in preparation for a lift and 35” tires. Unfortunately for my...