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  1. kurama49

    whining noise when wheel unloads.

    Hey guys, i just recently bought a 06 FX4 and lately its been making this funny noise.. If either of the wheels are unloaded, i hear a whining noise from the rear axle, and if i back up theres a slight pop noise? other than that the truck hums along fine, theres no jolting or such, only when...
  2. kurama49

    The starting fresh build.

    Hey guys! long time no see, and I know what your thinking "Oh god he's back to ruin yet another ranger." Well, I've since cleaned up my act with the trying to do a million and one projects and I've steadied my self. I gave my white 2WD ranger to my mother who was in more of a need than a vehicle...
  3. kurama49

    2011 Ford ranger buildup

    I'm back with a new ranger! 2011 Ford Ranger 4x2 sport. 4.0L V6 5spd Oxford white 11kms and posi :O I've had it for 2 days now... Its currently in getting a new lightning style exhaust put on it... But the shop screwed up BIG TIME. the new worker there somehow.. just SOMEHOW managed to cut my...
  4. kurama49

    Need help! Urgent!

    Hi! i am having serious problems with my 2001 Ranger 4x4. it has the 4.0L sohc. It is extremely hard to start, like it will crank and crank, then catch and die, and when it does catch a puff of black smoke comes out of the tail pipe. it idles extremely high, 3K - 3500 rpms. and when the rpm dies...
  5. kurama49

    suspention question

    Hey everyone. I was curious whats the best bang for the buck I-beam long travel kit? I'll soon have $5000 to play with. and im getting my new "victim" in a week and a half. I would like to get a long travel, but still have a few hundred left over for bulged fenders. Im looking at camburgs...
  6. kurama49

    yet another 90 ranger build

    Hey guys, i just bought another ranger lol. this little gem cost me $400. solid as a rock, undercoated since new. but i think the starter sylndoid is getting bad, and it is too full of auto tranny fluid. so wucha guys tink?. Only the back ones on these :C Solid frame
  7. kurama49

    Transmission doesent like to shift

    Hi, i have just bought another 90 ranger. It's solid, but the transmission, you need to feel for the gears kind of [automatic] it will stay in first, then you need to put the transmiission into the 2nd gear slot and it will shift, then back into drive and it will go into 3rd. it also likes to...
  8. kurama49

    A 01 Ranger named sniper. [slooow build.]

    Well guys, i got another one. lol 01 Ford Ranger 4.0L 5spd 4x4 "Offroad" Current mods. CB Radio Super epic not fall off shifter CB antenna SUPER AWSOME LITTLE TREE AIR FRESHNER!!! Tomoro's mods. 31"s on wagon wheel jeep rims PICTUREZ!!!
  9. kurama49

    96 Ranger build pre-runnin on a budget!

    Hey guys! welcome to the new thread. Well, as I've been saying in my other thread i would be getting a new ranger. Well i did! Its a 2.3 cyl,2wd,5spd. It has new shocks,brakes,floors,timing belt,stereo,comes with a better bed, and 2 new tires. When the summer comes things will really start...
  10. kurama49

    Tranny wont engage help!

    Hi there, I recently got a 1992 Ford Ranger 4x4, with 4.0L running gear and tranny out of an explorer. It has a 2.9V6. When i got it, i put it into drive and it would rev up like it was neteral, then it would start to slowly take off... and it revs very high while going very slow... Now.. the...
  11. kurama49

    Need help!! Stuck tranny!

    Hi there!, im having a BIG problem with my tranny in my 87 ranger 4x4!, i need to fix this before i sell it if i want to get full price for it! The shifter is in neuteral but the tranny is in first. it will not let me pull the shifter towards my like to go to 1st or 2nd, wont go into 3rd or 4th...
  12. kurama49

    My 87 Ranger build!

    Hey there everyone!, thought i'd start the build thred of my truck since its going to be in my yard at 5 today :), he's gotta 2.9 V6 with a hole in the drivers manifold, te passenger's side axle shaft needs to be replaced for the 4wd t work. a tiny bit of bedwork [to pass inspection] and the...
  13. kurama49

    Hello from cape breton nova scotia!

    Hi!, just thought I'd introduce my self :) I'm from cape breton nova scotia, and i may be getting a 87 ranger soon!, I'll proually make a new build thread of it when i get it. any advice on owning these would be great!, such as Cheap mods, like lifts, engine wise, body, etc. or common problems...

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