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  • I'll get some more pics of the progress as soon as I can.... we're off of it right now getting ready for another buildup for a couple of weeks.

    Thanks! more to come..

    Hey dude, know your a biusy man, but got pics pics and more pics? would love to see that Lightning...p.s., I'm hearing the hype bout the Ranger project, sux i'll be missing it, working graveyard so I'm counting sheep while your turning bolts! lol
    i love your show kevin! ive learned alot from it, and i cant wait to see what else your gonna say on trucks! you should get the windshield banner and put it on your truck! (make a shout out for me please?? [: )
    hey man im a huge fan of your show. and there is a chat room on this site so if you want to drop in and chat we are mostly on at around 8:00 or so. cant wait for the ranger to be done.
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