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    Another Rev limiter question. Want to lower it

    Soooo. Winter wheelin up here requires a lot of different driving styles from crawling tryin not to break through and on the occasion doing some drift busting with pedal to the metal. there are often times when I run at or very near the Rev limiter. Typically i never start off running rpm's that...
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    Wheelin in the Dirty White Boy

    We were the only rig out of the 5 that wasnt a jeep (Zj, Lj, Cj, Mj and then us in the broncoll)
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    2 piece driveshaft question

    Need to come up with a rear driveshaft for the explore since i have brought it into contact with rocks a few too many times. rear shaft was extended after the SAS so getting a factory shaft is sorta outta the question current unit is 49 +/- 1/4'' Can anyone give me a rough measurement of the...
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    SAS Spring Selection Info Wanted

    these springs came off a postal vehicle that had a rusted out shackle and when the new shackles came in for it they also came with new springs and the works. so these arent squated out at all. might see a little less height out of more used one's. it will clear 37's as you see it in those pics...
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    SAS Spring Selection Info Wanted

    might have a hard time fitting 63's under the front. as for ride or flex i have no experience with waggy's just the exp springs. scored a 691 on a 30deg ramp do i think it's pretty respectable rear's were still on the ground
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    Dana 44 high steer knuckles?

    ive been debating on going highsteer or just over the knuckle steering. looks like the highsteer isnt in the cards for me right now as there is still alot that needs to be done before summer rolls around.
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    SAS Spring Selection Info Wanted

    waggy's seem to be the spring of choice. however we used explorer rear leafs in the front and rear of a broncoll and have had pretty good results. it will flex, doesnt sway all over the road (like mine) and doesnt require a kidney belt to drive either. think ride quality in that rig are about as...
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    highlift jack, in or out.

    i have ALLWAYS carried a highlift jack with me in my truck's. Now with upgrading (er. sidegrading) to the explorer from my mazda reg cab short box. i am attempting to keep it in the similare weight range. i have allready minimized alot of stuff in the truck and now it comes to the highlift. I...
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    radia v.s. bias

    so lookin for others thoughts on radial v.s. bias pro's and con's is it worth 300$ more (per set) for radials?
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    wheel/spindle bearing grease adapter

    after some hands on further reasearch. the spindle grease tool wouldnt work that wall unless you made it to clear the axle shaft. However i think before i reassemble the front end on the explorer i am going to attempt to modify hub parts similar to the jeep stuff. the only issue is that the...
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    wheel/spindle bearing grease adapter

    So in my journey of allways trying to further waterproof my rig I came across this nifty tool for yota's. I dont see why somthing couldnt be easily fabricated to grease the spindle bearings on our axles (35/44/10 bolt whatever). Also could make somthing that threaded on in the same fashion to...
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    Sas Idea/Question...

    i'm running f-150 springs and it ride's o.k. i also was running a d30 for a couple years, i never had a severe failure but it would eat wheel bearings like no other. it wasnt just mine going through the wheel bearings as 2 other members are still battling with them. i upgraded to a 77 F-150...
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    one ton front axle

    i climbed the axle tree. and dont have any regretts doing so.i have learned ALOT along the way. started building the mazda in december of 09 and had 2 d-30's under it before i swaped in the FW 44. i have yet to break anything on it yet. i feel that i run it pretty hard but 99% of the wheeling...
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    3rd gen ranger on late model bronco 2 frame

    wondering if anyone knows, has seen or has links to a 3rd gen ranger body on a bronco ll frame. the only thing i have found are several gen 1 ranger bodys on broncoll frames and 1 never completed 97 ranger on a bronco ll frame. there is a parts truck (88 bronco ll) in my yard now that is...
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    Kroussin 93 Explorer build

    well here the start of the build. now 4.0 non-egr, m5od,1354M 77 HP44, 5.13 gears,open, Warn lockuts,, E.B. superflex springs, skyjacker shocks, poly front bumpstops, 1 ton steering,Ruff stuff frame side trac bar bracket, single "heckathorn" steering stabilizer rusty's "high clerance" long...