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  1. Kona

    Drivetrain thumping

    I did just get brand new tires , a suggestion was separation so I will throw other tires on and check
  2. Kona

    Drivetrain thumping

    Hey folks, my 91 Ranger 4x4 (4.0L ) just started making a uneven thumping noise at speeds over 25 mph / 40 kph , seems like it is inline with the transmission bell housing (thus posting here ) though a little under the front floor.. No sound at any rpm in 1st 2nd or neutral , sound is there...
  3. Kona

    Wanted: Coil Spring Measurements When Installed (Stock & Lifted)

    91 SuperCab, Warn ish fr bumper w/winch , custom rear tube bumper . 4" radius arm bracket , stock arms , Skyjacker 6" drop brackets on the 4" holes, Skyjacker 136 6" springs at 14.5" . Truck does weigh pretty much 5000 lbs normal daily setup.
  4. Kona

    Anyone seen these locking D35/D44 spindle nuts?

    Dana 35 keywat is shit because it is threads not solid , I have a pile of screwed spindles in my scrap pile
  5. Kona

    2020 Ford Ranger FX2 Now Available To Order

    Should have told him how much horses the 4 had :yahoo:
  6. Kona

    EEC relay electrical issue

    Holy crap, had the exact same thing happen with the added value of a brand new , DOA relay with the same fault as the one in the truck. I ended up re routing the ground, replacing the ignition switch and using a spare ecu relay socket and then buying a relay from a different supplier. This...
  7. Kona

    Did my C- clip eliminator break my axle?

    Hi, I have a LockRite in the D35 in my Ranger , did the c clip eliminator with a internal spring 1 year ago, it blew out the dust cap so I tried the external spring type. Was out doing light/ moderate fire road/creek bed wheeling and heard a binding sound, went to move the truck forward and the...
  8. Kona

    time to regear 4.56 or 4.88??

    I am running 33's and 4.56 .... works out to about 3.80 , I would run 4.88 with 35's for sure!
  9. Kona

    Lil Ranger that could

    I posted a video a little while ago of my truck climbing a nice rock , well apparently I made it look to easy so some import folks had to make it look hard , and not apparently succeed. So for your viewing pleasure 2 Toyota's make it look hard.
  10. Kona

    Computer issues... resolved

    Had a "new to me" engine , came with a computer & chip ( built engine) chip was kind of flaky. Tried it in my spare computers, had other issues with it that I lately resolved, but the poor economy and lessened power persisted. A parts yard had a sale , what the hell , ecm $20 , so bought one for...
  11. Kona

    Ranger on the Rocks

    Love the lockers "][/URL][/URL]
  12. Kona

    I Hate Ford, I would buy this in a heartbeat!

    PR videos for the World Ranger, seems like a damn fine truck. http://www.ford.com.au/commercial/ranger#overlay=1248923755523
  13. Kona

    body mount hardware

    Just got a bulletin from James Duff..... they now make a body mount kit that comes with the proper hardware for the bolts starting at $90 considering LMC truck has hardware for $ 20 x 12 it is worth checking.
  14. Kona

    The new World Ranger

    Looks like the 2011 World Ranger actually looks like a Ford now, check it out http://www.newfordrangermedia.com/assets/NewFordRanger/index.html?lang=EN
  15. Kona

    Cleaning it on the Whipsaw Trail

    Just got home the other day from the famous Whipsaw Trail ( one of BFG's outstanding trails )and while it is not the hardest trail out there the Ranger handled it all effortlessly . [URL=http://s248.photobucket.com/albums/gg171/R031Kona/Whipsaw%202010/?action=view&current=Whipsaw095.mp4]...