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  1. 96 ford explorer 4x4 question

    one of my brothers has a 96 ford explorer xlt 4x4 with auto trans. the people who had the car before i can not talk for but story goes they pulled the drive shaft because the vehicle was always in 4 wheel drive... yea, kinda stupid i know. any way, i looked under his truck at the transfer case...
  2. 92 ranger stx clutch issues?

    ok, so my kid brother has a 92 ford ranger stx 4x4 with a 2.9L engine and a 5 speed standard trans. i have not had a chance to look at it yet but he says that in the morning when it's cold the truck is hard to get into gear as if the clutch is not disengaging and later in the day as it warms up...
  3. 92 ranger module or shift motor?... both?

    so i just got this 92 ranger. it's ugly, rusty, should do just fine... after i get the 4wd workin so i did the entire trouble shooting process in the tech section... 3 times, all except this, post up if i still have any problems at first the module light didn't flash for the self diagnostic...

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