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  1. knucksfirst

    Front Drive Shaft

    Well I just finished replacing my transmission and that is working great! :) Now it seems I have a new issue I had not previously had before replacing my transmission. When I reinstalled my front driveshaft and transfer case I found the front driveshaft was sitting on a awkward angle? But I...
  2. knucksfirst

    2003 B4000 4.0 W/lift

    Hey Guys, Been a while since ive been on this forum but it has always been a great help whenever ive needed some information. Just recently picked up a 2003 Mazda B4000, with 142,000kms. The truck come with new Hercules trail diggers, a 3" body lift, blocks in rear, and keys cranked. Also has a...
  3. knucksfirst

    F-150 shocks help

    Need some help. I picked up some F-150 coil springs and well be putting them on my ranger within the next few days. My issue is that my stock ranger shocks will be to short wont they? If I go to the parts store and pick up the same year ford f-150 shocks will they bolt right up to my ranger...
  4. knucksfirst

    Never thought I'd see the day.

    Looks like Im going to be having a baby! :bawling: haha. Its a bit early to start fabbing up the ranger for it. But... If I dont make a legal back seat, then I will have to sell my ranger :( Anyone here make something for the ranger so it can legally carry a baby??
  5. knucksfirst

    I Cant see!!

    Well the other day my wipers completely stopped working! And where I live it snows everyday. Ive had my head out the window to drive. Im going to list a few things that may have caused it or where the problem may be. If you guys could help that would be great! When I purchased the truck last...
  6. knucksfirst

    Scrap springs for lift?

    I have a spare pack of leaf springs..... Now should I just cut out small sections and add as a block or keep some of the leaf and add it somewhere in current assembly on the truck?
  7. knucksfirst


    Well I bought that 1995 ford ranger for $2800. When to pick it up about 2 hours from home and brought it back. Started changing oil, filters and so on. I opened up my airbox and pulled the filter out. The dam thing was dripping with black oil!! I looked inside the airbox and there about an inch...
  8. knucksfirst

    Driveshaft question

    Ok I read somewhere here I can find a one piece aluminum driveshaft off of a 2wd ranger....I called the scrapyard and they said that all the 2wd rangers from 95-97 are two piece steel driveshafts!!! Where can I find a bolt on aluminum drive shaft for my ranger??? 1994 4.0 Ext Cab 4X4 ranger...
  9. knucksfirst

    Intake Tube Benefits

    I found some aluminum tubing at work it is 3 1/4" in diameter. It's about 4 feet long and has 90 degree bends in it. I was thinking about using this as my intake tube and stick a K&N on the end.. What benefit would I get from this? Even tho it is currently -31 degrees celsius here.
  10. knucksfirst

    4" Rough Country?!

    Well Im going to be ordering the 4" suspension lift from rough country! If anyone has any info on it im all ears! Id really like to see some pictures :D Anyone? The price is amazing compared to skyjacker. Im getting it for $540 at my door tax in.
  11. knucksfirst

    URGENT! Need Help

    Was replacing my EGR valve last night and I broke the pipe that goes down to the header!! So now I just capped off the header hole with a bolt and capped off the intake end. I also unplugged DPFE sensor. The plug that has two hoses from the egr... Im not sure if i was supposed to do that?? Am I...
  12. knucksfirst

    4.10 Gears

    Where can I order some cheap gears for my ranger 4wd? I would prefer 4.10's.
  13. knucksfirst

    Buy or Walk?

    I know I posted before but I didnt get any replies. :annoyed: Im going to be picking this ranger up would just like some opinions if its a good deal? He wants $3500 uncertified. This is a picture and the ad the seller put up. Thanks guys! Post: Here is a '95 Ranger 4x4 in amazing condition...
  14. knucksfirst

    Good Deal? Opinions Please

    Im trying to decide if this is worth the money! Ive been looking around for a ranger cause I miss my 97 and I know the engine well. This is a picture of the truck and the ad. Hes asking $3500 not certified. Its in good shape! Here is a '95 Ranger 4x4 in amazing condition. Babied since new, this...
  15. knucksfirst

    Need help please!

    Found a jet chip on ebay its saying it fits the 1998 4.0 EFI Ranger Manual. Now my ranger has a swapped motor in it I have no idea what year it is but it is a 4.0 EFI. I dont think its a 98, you think the chip will still work. It says to check the part number and see if it is capable with my...

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