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    need more horsepower, when we get our 09 trs decals :icon_bounceblue:
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    I have a friend who has a 2000 ranger and the pass. side dash lights dont light up driver side work's fine.fuse's are good. heard it was a problem with this year ranger. any ideas what the problem is? thank's guy's.
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    rpm x 1000. new tach. I know ever thing is hooked right, but rpm reading is not right.with eng. running 55 mph tach read's just under 1000. if i'm setting still and rev, eng, it never go's past 1000. and i've tried 3 tach, same on each one. and yes I've made sure they where set to 6 cly. any...
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    92 explorer seat's

    i have a 92 explorer, im going to swap out a lot of part's from it to my bll.was wanting to know if i can get the explorer seat's to go in my 85. any of u guys done this? thank's much.:icon_thumby: