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  • No I don't think I'll be able to make it, how about some wheeling the weekend after? Then again thats a holiday weekend and I'm going to a concert the weekend after that...either way lets do it soon.
    I used a plastic strap off of a respirator mask actually haha. I put it on 3 years ago as kind of a temporary hold but it worked so good that I decided to just leave it. It goes into the door jam and used a self tapping screw to hold it in place between the 2 peices of weather strip. I just cut a small slice in the outside peice and slipped it through. I've done others on friends vehicles using hose clamps with a self tapper running into the pillar though, that seems to work just as well.
    hey im putting my snorkel on in this feezing cold weather, and was wondering what u used to support the upper pipe of the snorkel? the piece going up the windsheild. i used what i had laying around but its only good for a temporary hold. please let me know what u used. thanks
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