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    Obdii iso 15765 can protocol???

    does anyone know if a 3.0v6 07 Ranger's OBDII has the SAE J1850 PWM protocol or does it have the updated ISO 15765 CAN protocol? if this info is in the tech library I didn't see it, google returned no clear answer, they were all different.. :/ any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    I've gone over to the darkside...

    I regret to inform you all, that I have bought a Toyota :/ it was a hard choice at first, but the price was right and I well, I like it! I still have the ol rang, but she's in the garage now, safely retired and resting after 73,000 miles in 4 years. I'll still be a Ford guy forever.
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    Plowing through a trail, (I guess this is the right sub-forum) This short video clip is just me abusing my 3.0 having fun!! haha.:icon_twisted: OH and BTW that was my uncle on my 4-wheeler, Enjoy, PS. sorry if this is the wrong sub forum...
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    Strongest 4cyl.

    I wanna build a dirt track racer and I need a 4 cylinder that I can drive the piss out of . I thought I would ask you guys this because of your unendless knowledge of everything. What is the best 4 cylinder engine to use for these?? Honda, nissan, Mazda,Toyota, Ford (def not chevy as they always...
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    help with fabricating something.

    I am posting this here for a few various reasons, 1. It will get more attention 2. not quite sure which one to post in cause it could be in like 2 different ones so Mods you can move it as you see fit if you want. But any way, I was wondering if anyone had the ability to fab me an...
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    Mesa Tires

    I am looking for new Tires for the ol Rang that arent too expensive and at a local Merchant Tire place i can get a Set of Mesa tires for 420 installed ballanced and new stims and all that jazz for 420... Butttt are these tires good i will get the model number and a picture when i get home from...
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    ABS questiones

    I was going to Change my front brakes the other day but my dad said that for ABS brakes you have to de-pressurize the brake system in order to do this or it will mess the system up, is this something I should worry about or just a bunch of BS
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    Nitrous injection

    There was a person on here that used a 75 shot of Nitrous on his 3.0 and i was wondering what kit he/you used, and how you activated the Nitrous whether it was through TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) or if it was manually activated or you used a what guess i guess it would be a computer...
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    you'll think you are stupid till you watch this

    lololololol if she is serious OMG i dont know what i would do.:icon_rofl:
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    Who says the 3.0 doesnt have any power

    so i was driving down the road today and a car went to turn so i shifted from 4th to third going around 38 MPH and i gave it alot of throttle i didn't pop the clutch and all of the sudden my Soda Can driveshaft snapped and the axle actually detached itself from the output shaft on the tranny...
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    painting rims,

    how do you think my stock rim would look if i sandblasted it and powdercoated it black??? thats the only pic i have of the rim at the moment
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    Has anyone ever taken a rear-end apart?

    :icon_rofl: ;missingteeth;
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    been at the veterans hospital all day.

    ill keep him in my prayers
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    U/D pulleys and sounds systems

    Since i have a 700 Watt amp in my truck and i do not have a capacitor as of yet if i want to put in UnderDrive pulleys would that kill my alternator????
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    does anyone else think this is far fetched a little click on the 2000 ranger and its a 3.0 dyno sheet click on the 1995 ranger and its a 4.0 dyno sheet where are they gettint these numbers are they pulling them out of their rectum ?? my friends tuners emulated dyno says mine has 175 (BS) so idk where...