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    New Owner 02' XLT 2WD Auto 6 Cylinders U 3.0L - Help with wheel / tire choices

    Have you been able to determine which tire and tire bundles to use? You may want to check out online shops like 4wheelonline since they offer an extensive selection of packages to choose from. Some good deals can only be found on the internet.
  2. justlexi

    Photos of different wheel/tire sizes on stock and lowered 2WD's

    What are your thoughts about Black Rhino truck wheels? I want to purchase a set of two-toned rims and have seen a lot of great designs from this brand. I wonder if the price is worth it for its quality.
  3. justlexi

    Tires and Wheels

    It looks nice, but this is a Hilux and not a Ranger.
  4. justlexi

    Looking for a wheel

    You may want to check the Marketplace if you are in search of OEM rims.
  5. justlexi

    Finally, my official project truck

    It seems like you are having fun with this build for years now. Why did you choose Mickey Thompson tires?
  6. justlexi

    My current project

    Any update with regards to this project?
  7. justlexi

    Been a while

    Your hard work pays off, I can't wait to see how it will turn out.
  8. justlexi

    What were they thinking?

    That looks bad, it seems like it has been through a lot. I feel like it can still be restored but it will take a lot of time, effort, and money to fix it.
  9. justlexi

    Lets see your workshop

    That surely is an organized working station.
  10. justlexi

    picture of the day!!

    Both cars look cool, I really like the matte black hood.
  11. justlexi


    The photo looks funny, but I love the color of the van.
  12. justlexi

    What Are You Listening To???

    There are times wherein I prefer the cover song compared to the original.
  13. justlexi

    what are da best prerunner wheels?

    Back to regular programming. Lol, good choice of photo. RIP
  14. justlexi

    BFG KO2, General Grabbers ATX for 2005 Ford Ranger

    BFG KO2 has a lot of great reviews online. My brother told me that this tire provides an excellent grip in all weather conditions. This tire performs well even in winter and so as on a rainy day. He got it from a shop called 4wheelonline at a discounted price.
  15. justlexi

    Saw this beauty today

    The first thing that I've noticed is the wheel and tire set.