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  1. juggalomania92

    Quick shifter question...

    is the m5r2 and m5r1 shifter the same? like could a hurst for a m5r1 fit the m5r2?
  2. juggalomania92

    5.0 Transmission

    Alright, so this may seem really dumb. But I know that the 300i6 shares the bellhousing pattern as the 302 and 351w, and I know that the f150 came with a m50d behind them. So my question is, is the m5od the same length between the f150 and the ranger? and what about the tailshaft? did ford think...
  3. juggalomania92

    Saw one of the most bad ass things yesterday..

    So a buddy of mine has this car he started when he was younger and its been revised 3 times but I saw it yesterday and its sweet.. he drove it on the street when he was younger but back then it was had a d44 and 9inch and was on 36s It's a 66 Mustang coupe, 2.5ton rockwells, custom frame, 4...
  4. juggalomania92

    Steering wheel and Cruise control

    Alright, so in my 91 I want to take the factory wheel off and put on an after market one, I have cruise control now, is there a way that I could rewire the buttons and still have all of them work, just put them somwhere else other than the wheel? I know that I can get a horn button to go in the...
  5. juggalomania92

    Quick tranny and gear question

    Alright so I have a 91 Eddie Bauer X it's got 3.73s in it and i'm gonna lift it with a 3" body lift and a 2" suspension lift and I want to run 33s can I get 4.10s and be good or could I do a hybrid m5od swap and keep the 3.73s? Also is the hybrid transmission the same as a 2.9 transmission? I...
  6. juggalomania92

    F150 coil spacer vs Skyjacker softride 2"

    I want to put them in my 91 ex because I'm going up to 31s but I just wanna keep the height good for looks and function which one is better? The spacer or coil? By spacer I mean factory f150 spacer
  7. juggalomania92

    Can someone do an Autocheck or similar for me?

    I was wondering if someone could do an Autocheck for me on the vin 1G8ZH5282XZ201964 It's not my car, my girlfriend's parents just bought it for her without her knowing and the thing runs like shit and it has a loose door skin, so I wanted to get some more information on it. Thanks in...
  8. juggalomania92

    Missin' my Ranger

    Soooo... I'm starting to miss having a Ranger my first 2 vehicles were Rangers and I got rid of my last one for a 91 Explorer because it was just the right thing to do at the time. Now with my gf looking for a first car it looks more and more like it's going to be a Ranger and it's kind of...
  9. juggalomania92

    Anybody remember these....

    It's a Tandy ct350 I have it and the leather case that I believe they came with, and I don't have a charger for it but I figured out that the cord for my radar detector will charge it, and it works great, anyone have info on what it may be worth? or just some information about it?
  10. juggalomania92

    No idea what to do =/

    I know this sounds dumb but I have a 91 explorer 4 door and don't know what to do... As of right now I have everything in my basement to do a ~2inch lift I have f150 spacers, front shocks, and shackles. I just need rear but I read stock rear shocks will work with just shackles. I have a set...
  11. juggalomania92

    Just seeing if there would be interest

    Alright, so I have a car seat for a toddler, and it says not to use it after december 09 anyway its in great condition, and an eddie bauer seat at that, and its about the same color as the explorer tan seats. I honestly have no use for it, and wanted to know if there would be interest in it on...
  12. juggalomania92

    Looking at buying a body lift

    the one for my explorer costs 197 which is ridiculous, my question is, will one from a ranger fit? and what about the steering extension? let me know asap
  13. juggalomania92

    Can someone help me figure out what I have exactly?

    I have these parts for a lift kit, but I don't know what company makes the brackets or anything like that
  14. juggalomania92

    How common are these...

    I found a set of floor mats, they are blue and have the Ford Oval in the center of the mat, and says ranger in white near the bottom of them, they are rubber too
  15. juggalomania92

    1994 Taurus SHO ATX HELP!

    Alright, so my uncle has a 94 SHO automatic and the car wont go into drive but he still has low and reverse. My question is, is there something electronic that would cause this or is the tranny just shot? I know the motor has high miles but the tranny was replaced. Another question is, does the...

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