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    2.5L ('98-'01) 1999 2.5l lower rad-water pump connection

    What is the part called that connects the lower radiator hose to water pump? I have a 1999 2.5l that I was flushing coolant and changing thermostat on at home. I accidentally removed that lower piece that connects to the water pump and tried to reinstall it, but now it started leaking almost as...
  2. jpark6491

    1999 2.5L Underdrive Pulley?

    That all makes sense, you've definitely given me a lot more to think about. I also like the idea of an electric power steering pump just so it doesn't sound like a pig being murdered each time I turn the wheel when pulling out of the garage lol
  3. jpark6491

    1999 2.5L Underdrive Pulley?

    I am curious if anyone has tried an underdrive pulley setup on the 2.5l engine? I have been searching through the forums but I have not found anything specific to the engine. Esslinger Engineering produces one that I think would work, but it is $75 right now. So if there are alternatives that...
  4. jpark6491

    Volvo EPAS Conversion

    I just watched this video last night. This guy installed the Volvo EPAS on his Mustang. Look away at the engine, it is LS swapped lol :)
  5. jpark6491

    Volvo EPAS Conversion

    This is brilliant! You have inspired me to do this as well, thanks for sharing!
  6. jpark6491

    98 2.5l ford ranger performance/fuel mileage rebuild

    Nothing like a good forum discussion, I wonder how this turned out. :p
  7. jpark6491

    different rear differential?

    It sounds like maybe the axle was swapped at some point then? Is it an 8.8 inch still?
  8. jpark6491

    Project Eco-Mod rat, sleeper, 4-banger, thing

    What kind of wheels/tires did you get? They look good!
  9. jpark6491

    DIY Wheel Balancing

    It was just a thought...was mostly interested whether anyone had attempted themselves or not. I probably will be taking tires to the shop in the future.
  10. jpark6491

    Rear slider is leaking ?

    Yeah, I saw that price and was like no way. I’ll be looking into their products too. I didn’t realize that they had some generic products. I need to get some measurements on the old weatherstrip
  11. jpark6491

    Rear slider is leaking ?

    I am having the same issues. I am trying to find a good replacement that doesn’t cost a lot. This is the best I’ve found...
  12. jpark6491

    new member, from, kc,ks. hello

    Welcome aboard and good luck with that!
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    The look I want (please ignore my poor photoshop skills lol)