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  1. M5OD 4x4 adapter

    Looking for a 4x4 tailstock with mounting holes for manual transfercase linkage. I am replacing a Mitsubishi transmission with a M50D and the one I have has no mounting provisions for the shift linkage.
  2. Shift Linkage

    Replacing a Mitsubishi transmission with a 4L M50D transmission soon and was wondering if anyone knew if the transfer case linkage will swap over. I am swapping the Mitsubishi diesel engine and transmission out for a 1.9 Tdi and M50D.
  3. Bell housing/ transmission questions

    Looking at replacing the old worn out and finicky 4D55 Mitsubishi engine in my truck with the 1.9TDI out of my Jetta. The bell housing adapters available are made for the 3L and 4L engines. My truck currently has a FM145 transmission with which I assume is a 4D55 specific transmission...
  4. 87 Diesel 4x4

    Bought this old farm truck and have been fixing it up slowly whenever I have time to do so. I have to say I have done a lot more work then I expected too haha. It's an 87 4x4 5spd longbox with 2.3L diesel. Here it is when I towed it home with a friends truck. The cylinder head was cracked...
  5. Diesel Ranger

    Picked up this old ranger that has been a farm truck most of it's like and boy does it need some work haha. It's a 1987 4x4 5spd long bed with the 2.3L diesel I towed home a few months ago. It had a cracked cylinder head so I ended up getting a new Hyundai made head along with a new cam and...