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  1. 1987 Bronco 11 engine ?

    I forgot to mention that my 87 does not have a overflow cannister.
  2. 1987 Bronco 11 engine ?

    My 87 Bronco 11 has a 2.9 V6 question when i shut of engine coolant starts coming out from the hose located on the radiator filler neck. At first i was wondering if it had a blowen head gaskets but when I take the radiator cap off while engine is running coolant does not come out I am baffled...
  3. 87 Bronco 2 electrical help needed.

    Update I did have the Alternator tested at Napa and Oreillys 2 weeks ago and tested good at both parts stores. Well machines are not always right Thanks to RonD And Ericbphoto a manual voltage meter test proved it was the Alternator that was bad replaced it problem solved holding a charge
  4. 87 Bronco 2 electrical help needed.

    Thank you now i know what I am dealing with. I learned how to use a voltage meter. Will replace Alternator and check green wire to Ignition Switch Thanks Again
  5. 87 Bronco 2 electrical help needed.

    Test # 3 on green wire with key on was 10.05 is that to low?
  6. 87 Bronco 2 electrical help needed.

    Ron here are the test results test 1 = 13.04 test 2 = 13.03 test 3 = 10.05 test when engine running = 18.66 I did replace Ignition Switch with new one last week
  7. 87 Bronco 2 electrical help needed.

    Yes it is red stays on reads battery once it went of after a few seconds later it just stayed on after i started the Bronco. Good I have been scratching my head trying to figure out what a Shunt is or looks like.
  8. 87 Bronco 2 electrical help needed.

    My Bronco 2 has this dash cluster
  9. 87 Bronco 2 electrical help needed.

    Thanks Eric where is the ecu located on my 87 Bronco 11.
  10. 87 Bronco 2 electrical help needed.

    Thanks Ron I did replace the Ignition switch it was coming apart not burned. I did replace all of the Fusible links and Diodes from a donor 87 Bronco 11 at our local wrecking yard and and the Alternator wiring harness no stud nut on Alternator just push in terminals . How can i check those...
  11. 87 Bronco 2 electrical help needed.

    I recently bought an 87 Bronco 2. His sons accidently hooked up the battery backwards twice. I replaced some wires and did get it started but it does not hold a charge. One wire goin from the Starter solenoid to Alternator was completely burned. Long story short I have tried almost everything...