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    For Sale 91 Ranger parts for sale

    91 ranger parts for sale. All parts came off a 2.3L Lima 4 cylinder. Have numerous parts. Located in St Petersburg Florida. You name your price and come pick up If you have any questions on what parts I have please ask too many to list. 10$ for any part.
  2. Johnnyboiranger22

    2.3L ('83-'97) Code 21 Rough idle

    Hey there I replaced sensor with 2 wires
  3. Johnnyboiranger22

    2.3L ('83-'97) Code 21 Rough idle

    Hey guys started my ranger after sitting for about 2 weeks. Engine runs rough when cold (like its choking and about to stumble but never does when warm runs okay not terrible by any means. Code 21 Coolant temp ECT out of range. If my mind serves me correctly that the sensor under intake manifold...
  4. Johnnyboiranger22

    A4ld rough shift and stumbling when hitting pedal

    1991 Ranger 2.3 with A4LD first shift is very rough jerks whole truck second is same. Also when hitting the gas after going over speed jump and hitting gas truck stumbles but it successfully drops a gear. I did perform a fluid and filter change. Could this be a governor, Modulator valve and/or...
  5. Johnnyboiranger22

    Radio Type

    Hey guys! Whats the best aftermarket radio for a 91 ranger 2.3? I put in PYLE speaker in the rear boxes and in front doors. Looking for something i can also add an under seat sub to. Thanks in advance!
  6. Johnnyboiranger22

    Cooling questions

    Thanks guys for reply! So I checked temp with laser gun (which might not be all accurate) but block read 150 degrees same for top. Rad hose was 140 degrees and bottom was about 15 degrees cooler. I can tell when thermostat opens as upper rad hose gets harder to squeeze
  7. Johnnyboiranger22

    Cooling questions

    Hey Guys Im finally getting ready to put my 91 Ranger on the road but I want to make sure cooling system is a okay. My first question is what the average coolant temperature? 200? 190? The lower hose should always be cooler than upper hose right? Further more how to tell is fan clutch is...
  8. Johnnyboiranger22

    Need help with some problems

    Pulled cluster and replaced Anti slosh module and still no change. are the Temp gauge needle and fuel gauge ran off same module in cluster?
  9. Johnnyboiranger22

    Need help with some problems

    Thanks Ron! I will diagnose today or weekened. Josh actually I just went on letgo app one day and luckily found same year same engine and cab configuration. They wanted 200bucks so I jumped on it quick. Clutch was gone so towed home and rest is history. We have alot of them in FL problem is...
  10. Johnnyboiranger22

    Need help with some problems

    Hey guys. Have finally been running my 91 Ranger and taking it on little test drives (finally finished repairs and engine swap). Now having time to focus on the little thing i noticed my fuel gauge is not working, I dont believe it the fuel pump with sending unit because i went through 3 of...
  11. Johnnyboiranger22

    1992 2.3 Bottom-end rebuild

    I've have done oil pump and oil pan gasket with engine still in truck. Lets just say not the best/easy way to do it I ended up slamming cussing and fussing not worth it. Can it be done? Yes but I wouldn't recommend it. its very easy to just pull engine and do it right plus i doubt you would even...
  12. Johnnyboiranger22

    Anyway to check coolant temp manually with gauge

    Perfect! Thanks Guys I really appreciate it! after this and a trans fluid and filter change she will be on the road! I actually did donuts in her the other day lol should have but it was fun!
  13. Johnnyboiranger22

    90 Ranger 2.3 Stalls when in drive after hitting gas then brake as low speeds

    Oh yes I fully rebuilt this thing from gorund up almost all new suspension,brakes new interior with dynamat insulation new carpet, speakers, trims. I even took most of cab off frame sanded down and re sprayed with rust preventive and replace most of body mounts. I probably spent 3 times worth...
  14. Johnnyboiranger22

    Anyway to check coolant temp manually with gauge

    Is there a way I can check coolant temp manually with gauge? 91 ranger 2.3. The reason being needle takes forever to get to halfway mark even when running for quite awhile i just want to make sure no overheat, water pump is newer, thermostat is new. Also whats the routing for heater houses?