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  1. First time replacing exhaust

    I ordered a new muffler and tailpipe for my 98 4.0 Ranger. When I got them the tailpipe was 2.5 inches and the muffler was 3 inches. Is there a way to put a 2.5 tailpipe together with the 3 inch muffler? Also there is a small medal rod sticking out of my tailpipe on the end that would go into...
  2. Dont even know how to buy exhaust.

    Im trying to put a cat back system on my truck with a flowmaster 40 series muffler. I want to do 2 Inch in, 2 1/2 inch out, but i dont know how to buy the certain pipe that i need. I drive a 98 ranger XLT, 4.0 v6, stepside, 5 speed manual

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