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  1. About to replace exhaust manifolds + gaskets

    Hi, I’m about to replace the exhaust manifolds and the gaskets on my 1988 2.9L. What is some advice you guys can give me for this? Any tools I can buy to prepare/help make it a little easier or prepare for the worst? Thank you
  2. Wanted Good AL4D trans

    I have a 1986 Ford Ranger needing an automatic transmission. It’s 4x4. It has the front end where the hubs don’t have the manual knobs, but it has the push button 4x4 on the headliner and it also has the 4x4 shifter in the floor i don’t know if that makes a difference or not. I am located in...
  3. Wanted ISO 1988 Ford Ranger STX 5spd (Red)

    My dad bought a brand new STX back in 1988 that he rolled. It was red with chrome wheels had a 5 speed transmission and I’m trying to find one as similar to the original as I can. Located in Northern VA but i’m sure he’s willing to travel for the right one. Thank you
  4. Fuel Pump Issue 87 B2 2.9L

    So I should use something and put it inside of that slot to ground the relay, then take a multimeter down to the fuel pump wires?
  5. No Fuel Pressure

    87 B2 2.9L. Can’t get any power down to my fuel pumps. I have the fuel pump relay replaced, and fuel pump inertia switch is bypassed so that shouldn’t be the problem. I also have no volts of power to the inertia switch wires also. Really looking for answers thank you
  6. Fuel Pump Issue 87 B2 2.9L

    Can’t get any power down to the high pressure pump. Tried new fuel pump relay, bypassed the inertia switch. Now what? I’m lost and would really like to fix this because I just got this thing running for the first time in 10 years and was just driving it around like it was nothing.
  7. Ran out of gas then no start

    Well it was on E for a little while.. not sure yet. Probably going to try what RonD said when I get home.
  8. Ran out of gas then no start

    Tried putting another Fuel Pump Relay in it to see if that was the problem. I'm guessing the EEC Relay could cause the fuel pump to not kick on? I did try tapping the pump with the key on but no luck. I'm wondering if I burnt up the motor in the pump by running out of fuel.
  9. Ran out of gas then no start

    Will do. Not sure, I’ll have to get someone to get in and turn the key while i have the hood popped and stand against the passenger side I’m guessing to hear it correct?
  10. Ran out of gas then no start

    What should I tap it with? And where at on the pump?
  11. Ran out of gas then no start

    No, wasn’t under the truck. Thing is definitely loud enough to hear from sitting inside with the door open like I did. I kicked the key off as soon as it started happening so I’m not sure if it had enough time to overheat or not.
  12. Ran out of gas then no start

    Hi there. was down in my field and my B2 2.9l ran out of gas. went down and got it a few gallons from the gas station and put it in and the fuel pump underneath the driver side isn’t kicking on. It’s a new fuel pump, what do you guys think?
  13. Yes sir. Thank you appreciate it

    Yes sir. Thank you appreciate it
  14. thanks man appreciate it

    thanks man appreciate it
  15. 10672 Back Rd Maurertown VA 22644. Sorry about that

    10672 Back Rd Maurertown VA 22644. Sorry about that

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