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  1. Just picked up my second FACTORY Ranger EV this weekend!

    I have 98 and it needs new batteries. I updated it to 12v AGM when I first bought it, but they really did not last long. I was given a set of NIMH ( minus 1 sadly) and all of the hardware to swap the Pb setup to NIMH. I have the NGS tester and all of the Ford tools - long story - but with all...
  2. Tri-glas tonneau cover

    I just acquired a Tri-glas firbreglass tonneau bed cover for my truck, and it is really a pretty nice one at that. Info on the cover: 113310-001 XJRSTCE93 Date of Manufacture 2/8/1999 HOWEVER, it is missing the frame and Tri-Glas is no longer in business. Does anyone have one of these...