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  1. Engine stays running when turned off.

    Alright so I pulled the the ignition switch and the actuator rod has no pull like you predicted. Is it repairable or should I just get new parts to replace? I'm assuming that I will have to pull the steering wheel to repair or replace the rod. Will just operate manually for now, much better than...
  2. Engine stays running when turned off.

    Thanks for the information. So it sounds like the ignition switch is good and the linkage or rod that shifts the switch into the various positions has become inop.. will certainly check that out tomorrow.
  3. Engine stays running when turned off.

    I have a 96 b2300 and as of Friday the engine will not turn off when ignition in off position and key out. The only way to shut it off is to dump the clutch, but all of the accessories remain powered. I have to disconnect battery for power to be off completely. Starts and runs fine just will not...
  4. 1996 ranger 2.3 misfire/idle issue

    I'm completely stumped. I have a 1996 ranger with a 2.3 showing cylinder 4 misfire. It also has strange idle issues. Sometimes it idles fine but after being at idle for 30 seconds or so it almost stalls out and runs as it i have dropped a cylinder. Drivability is never affected, always runs...