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  1. jk10sport

    Mystery Plug

    I was trying to fix the stereo in my 07 today, because the previous owner hadn't the slightest clue how to splice an aftermarket stereo in. Anyways while I was digging around in the dash, I came across a plug that's not connected to anything. I cant figure out what it might go to. I know a lot...
  2. jk10sport

    Scanner Installs

    Been thinking about mounting my scanner in my truck and just looking to see what other people did. So if you can post a pic of your Scanner/CB and mounting setups with antenna locations.
  3. jk10sport

    2007 FX4 Lvl II

    Just picked this up last weekend. Glad to have a Ranger again. I had to sell my 2003 FX4 last year. I kicked myself a thousand time for that, I had more important things to worry about. Now that that is over with and being a new year I decided to look around and came across this beauty. First...
  4. jk10sport

    New U-joints Loose

    Didnt know where to post this so sorry if in the wrong section. I have a bad vibration in the truck at high speed, so I decided to replace the u-joints today. well when I went to take the old u-joint off the front Flange (not the shaft), I took the out the snaprings and the u-joint just fell...
  5. jk10sport

    Rear Disk swap on an Fx4 L2?

    I have tried to do some research behind swapping out my drums for disks on my 2003 Ranger Fx4 Lvl 2. I understand that it has the 8.8 31 spline like the explorers so I wont have to do an axle swap. but Im unsure as to they are straight bolt on or if I will have to modify or add some kind of...

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