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  1. jjg2596

    88 b2 transmission swap

    i just bought a 88 b2 but the trannie is bad i was wondering if i can use a trannie from a 86 ranger? the b2 is a 4x4 the ranger is not but both have the 2.9l. auto trannie? any help will be great thanks
  2. jjg2596

    4.0l conversion

    ok i found a 94 ranger with a 4.0l im thinking this would be a good doner truck anyone that can give me advice please do so before i buy it for nothing.:beer:
  3. jjg2596

    play in the steering

    can anyone help me? i have alot of play in my steering and want to fix it my self and save a lil $$.:beer:
  4. jjg2596

    should i change the gears in my 89 bronco ii

    i just bought a 89 bronco ii with a 4" suspension lift and a 3" body lift with 33x12.50 what are the best gears for me to use i plan on using this as a day to day truck and a weekend warrior.