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  1. adding leafs

    my 85 B2 seems a little mushy for me , I'd like to stiffen the rear suspension . I have a donor B2 which I need to pull a rear shackle from , so is there any reason why I couldn't add a leaf ? The B sits level at a good height. also would there be any need to go to a heavier shock ? And if...
  2. what?

    this just doesn't seem right, the guy I bought this from said the 4wd works great, so I checked and felt the trans case kick in, and then wrote it off as auto hubs as he said he hasn't used it since last winter, so get it home pull the hubs to clean them and this I found:icon_confused:
  3. Swap vs Swap

    Hello , just registered , been reading these post after purchasing a BII , well actually 2 of them one is an 85 with the usual head problems(hasn't been torn down) ghostly disappearance of coolant . But has an excellent body and almost perfect interior. The second is an 86 in great mechanical...