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  • i think u start like a new member, then go to junior and finally when u reach a certain amount of posts ur just member. i think at 100 posts ur member
    if can wait till spring wait, if not get those bitches rolling asap lol
    fresh rubber would help u on the snow i guess, are u going with new tires?
    well if its just scratches on the edges its no big deal, they are gettin em when u mount the tires anyway lol

    and yeah some ppl think that just cuz its 2wd it has to go down(lowered), i dont think so. in fact one day ill make mine 4wd lol
    yeah we will never say its finally complete, theres always new stuff on the "to do" list.
    good u decided to go up with your truck. and yeah lowereds look ghey imo, just dont let the lowered crowd know hahaha
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