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  1. Jeepman401

    Camber Eccentric #'s

    They make 3.5 degree eccentrics aligment bushings from NAPA the part numbers 264-1994, the UPC for them is 7 47730 56007 6, and here they cost 17.87 dollars a peice. on the box it will say 4wd 2 1/2, 2wd 3 1/2 now if your having a company order them from northstarmfg.com then the number to...
  2. Jeepman401

    Ranger/Explorer FRONT brakes upgrade

    Ok, Following is a short explanation, or atleast as short as I can make it of factory FRONT brakes on Rangers, Bronco2's and Explorers. Starting in 1983 and continuing to the end of 1994 Ford used a "split pin" mounted caliper. With the EXCEPTION of some 1986 and early 1987 (through the end...
  3. Jeepman401

    Ranger/Bronco2/Explorer REAR brake upgrades

    First, there is NO junkyard. cheap, bolt-on disc brake upgrade for Rangers or Bronco2's. If you have a '91-94 Explorer with drums the '95-01 Discs DO bolt directly onto the '91-94 Explorer drum brake axle. The only two practical ways of putting discs onto a Ranger/B2 are either with a...

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