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    51 IH L130 Project

    Got this treasure a from my grandmother a week before her death. My grandpa, who died before I was born bought it new in late 1950. It has been sitting since 1997 and Im pleased to say it has been my focus for the last couple months. check it out! How it was when i found it. Bringing it...
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    Bikes,trucks, mud and girls. what more does a guy need?

    so i took the new dodge out for some fun with the girls i made the mistake of lettin one drive so this happened shortly followed by haha then this funnesss then the real fun began with a buddy with a crew cab ford diesel on 37s jumped in followed by him gettin stuck, and me bein in the...
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    my new dodge

    i know its a dodge but at least its a cummins. gotter home today and got a lil mud on the tires (sorry brad paisley) haha
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    LIL muddin action

    this is an inside shot of me and a buddy hittin up a muddy dirt road. sorry its not that crazy but its the only offroadin we get to do really... and its on a road. haha took me like an hour to edit so enjoy! im gonna get some better vids once my dodge is fixed.And videos from outside the truck...
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    dodge cummins ecu?

    hey im currently in the process of buying a 2001 dodge ram 2500 cummins. its 4 speed auto 24 valve, and on the day i was supposed to buy it the guy calls me, he was on the way out of town (he lives an hour away) the CEL came on. he went to the dealership, and diagnostics pointed to a faulty ecu...
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    ranger vs big puddle sorry for crappy quality

    1jBbE62fjAY at least 2 feet deep it was fun
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    Never buying a vehicle from gm.

    Thanks to some of the worst dealing i've undergone, i will no longer do business with capital gm in regina, or any other gm dealership as long as i can. I'll explain my frustration. throught this week i have been taking time out of my busy day to try and buy a new (used) truck. i found one i...
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    Skytrak 6036!!!

    A friend of mine has a skytrak 6036 with the 3.9 4bt cummins. does anyone know where the sensor are that cause it to start and idle very smooth but about 5 seconds of running it kills itself.... any ideas?
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    Help me fix my tach darnet

    i recently motor swapped a plymouth laser with a mitsu 2.0 (like the engine that was in it) and from what the dealership told us it should work. it runs great n fit just fine but in the crossover we've lost the tach. its not working. from what ive read a common problem in motor swapped lasers...
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    good blocks?

    could someone please post what models are good donors for building power out of a 302? id like to start building my 302 but i dont have a block and id like to try and find a solid foundation. im talking 350-400 horse at the crank, all i need is more power than my friends .060 over 429 in his 49...
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    Lets talk money

    Ok so recently i've been attempting to establish a credit rating somewhat aggressively and i've been having a fun time. bank wants about 5 grand down on a 18,000 dollar loan. fair nuff. i dont have it. lol so i've been thinking about buying something in the meantime to help solve my lack of...
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    GMC tech?

    Hey my friend has got a 1995 sonoma 4.3 5 speed 4wd, and the diff is cooked. we're tryin to find a new one, but we want one thats gonna drop straight in. there are 2 options available, the gm 7.625" (7 5/8") and the 8.5" his is the 7.625. According to the wrecker we talked to the same diff was...
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    and you call yourself a ford guy!

    just curious about what some of trs members think about brand loyalty. if an f150 is 15 grand more than a chevy would you still buy it? maybe im not as hardcore as others but im not gonna pay retarded amounts just so it says ford. maybe a grand, but f150s were nearly 20 thousand more brand new...
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    Lowered 4wd's?

    me niether. i never notice em. geez
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    1994(and others?) camshaft synchronizer install

    Original poster: Jaymegriffiths Difficulty: 7-9 out of 10 (depending on circumstances) Time to install: With engine out: 10-20 minutes Engine in vehicle: unknown(estimated 45min) Disclaimer: The Ranger, The Ranger Staff, nor the original poster are responsible for you...