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  • I have Uniroyal Liberator P235 70/R15's on 1988 ranger steelies painted black and I'm at stock ride height. I left it's height untouched and paid more attention to other things like intake, exhaust, etc. I had alloys if you check my photo gallery, but Minnesota salt ruined the beads and I scrapped them. I didn't like how everyone goes apeshit over Crager's so I decided to mix it up a bit.
    What size tires do you have on your ranger? do you have a lift? I like your truck a lot!!
    I'm not positive about the year they started. 01 Sounds about right. As far as the wiring goes, I picked up an adjustable temp sensor @ napa for like 30 bucks. It's a little probe that fits into the radiator fins that has a knob that allows for adjustment. All of the wiring/fuses were included if I remember correctly.
    No pics, but I got the 4 piece pulley kit sold @ stuffforyourranger.com. My e-fan is a factory Ford piece that came on newer 4 cylinder rangers. It's a direct fit because the 4 cyl and 3.0 use the same radiator. I had to do some trimming of the shroud to clear the serpentine belt, and wire it in, but it was a very easy install.
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