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  1. Delete Never mind WTB Camper Shell '87 STX

    Gettin' out of Kommiefornia. Would like to buy a shell, 72" by 60", preferably with windows so vision is good enough I don't have to rely on just my mirrors. If I can't find a shell I'd settle for an enclosed trailer 4'X6' or 5'X8' that's at least semi-roadworthy. If anybody can help, I'm in...
  2. Spare tire carrier?

    My '87 STX has LT235/75X15 and it just fits. Decided to get a mount to put the spare vertically in the front of the bed on the driver's side. Think the mount came as a universal kit from Rock Auto or JCWhitney.
  3. First Christmas star in 400 years tonight

    Hope to see this with the naked eye. Had a nice pair of binoculars but they burned up in the Bear Fire and I haven't gotten around to replacing 'em. Should have good weather to see the display.
  4. I have motorcycles now

    That Yamaha Virago 1100 is a great bike. My '98 had 71K on it when it burned up 3 months ago in the Bear Fire. Just gave it new battery and Progressive shocks and had ridden it to work about a week before. Rode great solo or 2-up. Carbs are the only sore spot, as they hate to sit with gas in 'em...
  5. 1986 Ford Ranger 2.9L Check Engine light

    No light in my '87 STX. No problem passin' smog in my county.
  6. driving in 4 low with hubs disengaged

    Used to do that every day to go out my 1/3 mile driveway. Back out of parking space, put it in 2nd gear/4wdLo and idle all the way to the gate. Sadly, that place appears to've gone away in the Bear Fire. Lost a pair of Festivas, two Yamaha Viragos, a few guns and 10K+/- rounds of ammo but saved...
  7. Engine dies, won't run unless key turned off

    Nah, just an old guy who gets by without too much tech. I'd have to cut down a couple of acres of huge trees to even get a shot at a satellite, DigitalPath and the like tell me that goin' by my address they can help, then when they get the gps co-ordinates for the actual house they say they're...
  8. Engine dies, won't run unless key turned off

    Well, bein' on a dial up connection that might max out at 28.8K there ain't much chance of downloadin' any videos so I'll just have to wing it. Thanks, all.
  9. Engine dies, won't run unless key turned off

    Again, thanks. I was referrin' to the separate parts and how easy one or the other might be to replace. To get at 'em I should just have to pull apart the halves of the housing on the steering column. I was hopin' that somebody would say this is a known problem that's cured by facin' North...
  10. Engine dies, won't run unless key turned off

    Thanks, folks, for the quick replies. Anything too esoteric about the old Ranger switch? Available through Rock Auto and others? Haven't looked closely but I'm guessin' that the key part can be swapped out by just usin' a pin to extract it and put it into the new unit, or is that just wishful...
  11. Engine dies, won't run unless key turned off

    It's an '87 STX, 2.9 5sp. Used to run into the problem maybe once a year but now it can happen twice in a day. Been pretty warm lately but sometimes this happens at regular operating temp on just the 6 mile drive home from work. If I don't turn key switch off, then back on, the engine cranks...
  12. Which shocks?

    Just as a follow up, yesterday I got four Ranchos installed right in the parkin' lot at work. My mechanic showed up about 09:30, and would've finished up in less than a couple of hours except that since he's popular in the community everybody in town stopped in to talk. Only cost me a hair over...
  13. Which shocks?

    Yeah like the old Broncos I had. Light blue and dark blue, '71 and '70. My wife keeps wishin' we still had 'em, but one was more rust than metal and the other we gave to our daughter and son-in-law. She does kinda understand that when you go to buy parts now for those old things, ain't nothin'...
  14. Which shocks?

    Again, thanks, all y'all. Not a high Rider, but I still like it. Now I have a chance at an '86 4X4, 5sp, extended cab and 4-banger with a camper shell. Five hundred bucks, should I jump on it?
  15. Which shocks?

    Too dark and cold to go out there and crawl underneath on the frosty ground. I do remember that it has the high pinion differential in the front. Pretty much stock, other than LT235-75/15s. PO put nice tubular bumpers front and rear with a stout grill guard. Oh, and I mounted the spare...

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