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  1. Il Brutto

    Official 4R44E Problem Thread!

    I have seen a great deal of issues with the 4R44E transmission offered in a number of Rangers. I am on my second transmission in my truck and am in the process of working out a slight 2-3 flare. No solution as of yet but I am working on research. While conducting this research, I thought it...
  2. Il Brutto

    4R44E slips from 2nd to 3rd gear

    96 4x4 auto with 4r44e , I assume, as it is not original to truck. Previous owner replaced out of truck and I installed motor and trans together. Last night I got the blinking o/d off light. Light is off all day today but I have noticed a little slip between 2nd and 3rd gear. Some research has...
  3. Il Brutto

    Taurus 3.0 swap?

    Will the Taurus 3.0 swap into a Ranger? I have a locked up 3.0 from a Ranger and found a good deal on a Taurus 3.0. Are they the same engine? I have a feeling they are completely different engines but they are both the Vulcan engines, correct? Will this work?
  4. Il Brutto

    will driveshafts swap?

    Will the driveshafts from an 01 extended cab ranger with a 3.0 automatic 4x4 work on a 96 extended cab ranger with a 4.0 automatic 4x4?
  5. Il Brutto

    The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly? No, something else

    OK, here goes the new build, not necessarily an off road truck but it is a 4x4 so I put it on here. Some of you my know me this is my 3rd truck build on here but my first 4x4. the project is a 1996 4x4 extended cab auto with a 4.0 power everything with AC, loaded. The only problem right now is...
  6. Il Brutto

    auto 4x4 trans to manual 2wd for a 4x4

    Ok this might be a little odd. I'm thinking of getting a truck that needs a transmission, it's an 89 with a 2.9 auto 4x4. Good news is I have a transmission but it's a manual from an 88 with a 2.9 2wd (M50D I think). I have flywheel, clutch, pedals, computer, donor 2wd truck actually. Question...
  7. Il Brutto

    Popping carb

    Its raining, truck ran fine this morning. Took off from a stop sign and just started popping out of the carb, what the hell? 83 ranger 2.0 single barrel carb, over 1000 miles on a carb rebuild. This is my daily driver, I need help, thanks.
  8. Il Brutto

    won't start after carb rebuild

    I just rebuilt the 1 barrel carb on my '83 2.0 followed directions to a T and was very meticulous in my rebuild, it is my first though. Carb is just flooding the engine, dumping gas when you hit the key. No leaks, just dumping from the top. Double checked all elec connections and vacc lines...
  9. Il Brutto

    One morning it was cold...

    ...and the idle in my stock '83 2.0 with a carb went high. Not high as in when you first start the engine and the choke makes the idle high till the truck warms up, high after that. I have no tach in my truck so I won't talk numbers. Idle will settle down from that initial high idle but still is...
  10. Il Brutto

    M50D on a 2.0?

    Will an '88 2wd M50D bolt up to and properly operate when coupled with an '83 2.0? I would like to know before I just tear out both transmissions and try it:icon_confused:
  11. Il Brutto

    The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Build

    Here is my Ranger, Tuco, fresh off the trailer. August '09. First thing I did was take the bed off. Then paint it And lower it More later
  12. Il Brutto

    Let's see what's out there....

    Here are my latest pics of the truck
  13. Il Brutto

    New in Pa!

    Hey new to the forum, looking forward to it! Vehicle Specs 1988 Ford Ranger 2.9l v6 stock drive-train Suspension DJM 3/4 drop kit Stock brakes Ext. Tucked front bumper (in about 1 1/2" from stock) Round Headlights, french-ed F100 side markers, Jeep turn signals, '78 Bronco tail lights Custom...

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