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  1. ianyboy

    I've done it, traded the Ranger

    Well, as mentioned in another thread, my family is getting bigger; by the end of july the 3rd and final kid will be amongst us. Therefore, the Ranger was perfect for camping, fishing and hunting trips, but lacked of family room, whereas the Grand Caravan was perfect for the family, not so cool...
  2. ianyboy

    Truck throwing 2 codes

    I have a 2011 Ranger 4.0L from canada My truck is throwing 2 codes, P0446 and P0453, both related to evap. - Ive checked vapor canister -> not clogged - Ive check vapor canister solenoid -> open and closes, fully - Ive checked tube from gas tank to vapor canister -> also, not clogged Here's...
  3. ianyboy

    Facebook Group ''Canada Ford Trucks''

    Hey y'all from Canada, Go check out this new group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/canadafordtrucks/
  4. ianyboy

    Barrie area

    Anyone in Barrie, ON area, im here for 5 weeks on military course. Noticed some nice trails, dont know if I can go
  5. ianyboy


  6. ianyboy

    New family car...wouhou!

    Well, the famile is getting bigger, we already have a 7yr old, an 8month old, a 60lbs dog, and now the wife is pregnant again. So, we the family increasing, we decided to swap out our '02 Kia Rio Cinco for something bigger and newer. Hence, we purchased a 2015 Dodge Grand Caravan SE, sorry for...
  7. ianyboy

    2011 Ranger front crossmember

    Hey all, I've searched around the internets for this piece of information, and can't come to a satisfying answer. I have a 2011 Fx4, and there is a front crossmember (joining both frame rails). Is it of any use, or can i ditch it? The reason to the question is that I will be installing a...
  8. ianyboy

    Finally! Post pics of your Diesel Ranger

    whats the 4d55 out of?
  9. ianyboy

    Will Fog Light Mod Work

    So I got a 2011, I want my fogs on with the brights, found this for 2007+. http://www.therangerstation.com/Magazine/spring2009/foglight_mod.htm Question is, will it, or should it work?
  10. ianyboy

    istalling few gauges, need help.

    So I've picked up some gauges at my local autopartys store. and I've got some questions in regards to my 2011 4.0L. So here the list of gauges; 1. 2x battery voltage - 1 for each of my batteries (they're easy to plug) 2. Oil pressure - Is there a factory installed sending unit, if so where...
  11. ianyboy

    rear bumper

    Im looking into building a rear custom bumper for my '11. Anyone have any plans or measurments on this?
  12. ianyboy

    2011 2.5'' lifted 4x4 Ranger

    Hey guys, as the title says, my 2011 4x4 has 2.5'' front lift (changed and cranked torsion keys). Now, I have the problem that my OEM Ranchos were to short and are now dead. What companies make a strut that fits onto my truck, but is longer (3''). Be advised, my strut has a skinny part at the...
  13. ianyboy

    1994 front d35 ttb

    Hey guys! Im working on buddys 1994 4x4 Ranger. Hes got TTB front. Im stuck on how to remove the front right inner axle (AKA stub shaft) Any help will be appreciated, even more if photos are added :P
  14. ianyboy

    drop hangers vs flip kit

    the flip kit will drop youthe height of the leafs, around 1 3/4'' + your 4'' drop hanger, Id say 6 in drop total
  15. ianyboy

    A buddy and I wheeling

    Ive got the blue truck: 2011 Sport4x4 on 4.10s Buddy has the Grey 1994 with TTB. Please note, this is in 2012, trucks are since then lifted and rolling 33s 1CbcqWHsXgk

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