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    5.0 Water Meth Injection

    I got spoiled with my 3.slow getting around 22 mpg. So far with the 5.0, I am getting around 17 mpg. This is with a 7.5" open dif and 373 gears mind you. I have been reading up on water/meth injection and it seems like a viable option to get back up to where I was with a small gain in HP as...
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    I recently upgrade my drive train w/ a 5.0. The stock exhaust was left on due to time constraints. I have had a Flowmaster 50 series on my last 5.0 Ranger and liked it but I have grown up a little and value, what is left, my hearing. I had a Thurst on it before and it was way too loud. I do...
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    Expo AWD Rear Supsension components

    I have a buddy out in PA with a 5.0 AWD and he needs to replace the bars that go from the top of the rear axle to inside the frame rail. What are they called technically?
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    Project: Stable DD went to the gym

    Project: Green Gorilla This thread is for V8 specific performance upgrades. My other thread will remain up for maintenance and cosmetic upgrades. So I saw my old Ranger the other day and now I want a V8 again. So here is the plan. Cannibalize the ST Motor/trans/transfer...
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    Where is the evaporative emissions canister located?

    I would start with a fuel tank pressure sensor if it has one. http://www.autocodes.com/p0455_ford.html
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    Where is the evaporative emissions canister located?

    Since you found the loose cap, did you clear the code to see if it comes back?
  7. hoosier1104

    Bullitt/DJM 4/5 installed today

    Nice man. This is pretty close to what I am going to do. I am just going to run FR500 18x9's all the way around though with a 245/40/18 tire.
  8. hoosier1104

    Let's see what's out there....

    So my DD is a 99 ext cab 3.slow and was thinking about a 4/5 drop. Anything special I should know about or get? Are any fitment issues with a 18x9 on all corners?
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    Calling All Green Rangers

    Post'em up people.
  10. hoosier1104

    2008 2.3 w/automatic idles rough

    Good to hear you got things sort of sorted out. Rule of thumb for me, this is a personal thing and not be taken literally for you, is that any time I replace my plugs, I also replace my wires and coil. A healthy ignition keeps a engine running longer and smoother. That is just me so take it...
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    R/C Drifters

    Does anyone do drifting with their r/c? I mean with specifically built r/c drift units. I was thinking about getting one and would like recommendations/opinions. :popcorn:
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    Ranger Picture Game

    This is very simple and since it does not appear we have a thread on this why not. Rules: Take a picture of your RBV with the request i.e. your ranger on jack stands. Once the request is met, the person gets to make the next request. *****NO PAST PICTURES WILL BE ACCEPTED!!!!!!*****...
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    Springish IN Meet

    Who is down for a springish meet? I was thinking maybe late April early May. EDIT: Date: 4 June Where: Kokomo, IN Park: TBD Time: Noon
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    Project: Stable DD

    So since my Sport Trac is having electrical issues, I was given a 99 extended cab 3.0L 2wd. I am going to use this thread for maintenance, mileage and minor upgrades. So when I decoded the VIN I noticed Ford had a U and V identifier for the 3.0L; U - 91-08 and V - 99-03. Was there really any...
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    I think this is the right forum to put this in. I picked up a new hobby over the last summer called geocaching. People hide caches, put the coordinates on the website and other people go find them. I have 21 within a 5 mile radius of my office. This is not local to me. It is world wide. I...