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  1. holyford86

    What did you do to your Ranger today? (Part Deux!)

    Worked on building my air intake system, hopefully one of the last times I'll need to do that
  2. holyford86

    Ac compressor bolts sizes 1998 3.0

    M8x1.25x too long to buy at a hardware store
  3. holyford86

    New wiper from Jeep...

    It's just an oddball wet arm wiper, been messing with them on buses for as long as I've worked on them. they very rarely freeze up and the arms usually wear out before the hose cracks. one would assume the aftermarket will pick them up if the take rate is decent. 140 bucks for two sets of...
  4. holyford86

    Free 88 2.9 and FM146

    88 2.9 and 4x4 FM146, ran well before mice got to the wiring, local pickup in Chazy, NY or would be willing to meet you up to 3 hours from me if you wanted to cover gas for my travel. Trying to make space and clear out stuff I dont need, if I still have it by the end of September it's getting...
  5. holyford86

    First Gen grille guard width

    To add to my previous post
  6. holyford86

    First Gen grille guard width

    They fit, I had some on there for a while
  7. holyford86

    First Gen grille guard width

    If they're the common size that is copied by everyone, they'll fit
  8. holyford86

    2.9 Coolant Hose Routing Diagram

    I've got an entire Ranger 2.9 you can HAVE, if you come get it
  9. holyford86

    1988 Ranger ICVR

  10. holyford86

    1998 ranger 4.0 swap?

    What part of NY?
  11. holyford86

    Thermostat housing difference

    To build on the info provided, there are two different outlet diameters depending on year, they're different enough you can easily tell with a tape measure.
  12. holyford86

    A/C quits under heavy acceleration.

    I've seen the vacuum canister fail on those, they're a pain in the ass to get to and replace, I've done two and wouldn't like to do another. Usually what happens is the mode selector will default to defrost because there isn't enough vacuum though, It'll still blow cold air, just not where you...
  13. holyford86

    Add circuit to Power Distribution Box

    For the purposes of this, I agree, at least with the information provided. Personally I like using factory fuse boxes to power other things but I'm weird and have access to all of the spare parts I need to do these things, but it isn't always feasible or realistic.
  14. holyford86

    Add circuit to Power Distribution Box

    You can disassemble the box, it is possible, but all of the terminals are proprietary so you would either need to source those or a spare box to steal terminals from.
  15. holyford86

    What are your thoughts on nylon fuel line

    I've got access to the same kit, the fittings are slightly different but still a big improvement over the factory stuff, I think this is the direction I'm going to go in. Surprising you can't find the fittings you need locally, everyone around here sells the fittings for nylon.

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