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  • Hello Gwaii~
    I am amongst the few who hoped to follow you through your GT12 build. I am building a v12 gt6 as well~ I am very curious to learn your research on how the chassis handled the Torque/HP and weight increases in respect to the modifications you've listed here.
    Hope to hear from you soon!
    it can be done....the key is to modify the input on the 5-speed to have a female spline that matches the output of the auto.then an adapted tailshaft housing can be made to bolt the two together.that's essentially what I did.
    Hey Gwaii, I'm contemplating a volvo 2.8 with an AW71 automatic mated to the stock five speed. I am trying to figure out how you aligned the two trannys. The big issue is that I dont think I can physically connect them to each other head to tail. So thoughts if any.
    the face of the second transmission was drilled to match the bolt pattern of a transfer case,so it just bolts to the back of the first one.the real work was in modifying the input shaft,there are pics in the thread.
    Hey Gwaii how's it going? I really like the fishing thread you posted, I was on Vancouver island for 2 weeks 2 years ago and wish I never left. Any progress on the super ranger lately? I have a question about it: the adapters you made to mate the two NP435's together, were they fabbed or machined? could you please send me a picture or two on them? I'm still compiling parts for my build and I'm thinking of mating an AOD to an NP435 with a married NP205 to get some real low crawling gears.
    it's just a bar that the spring slides on.it does wear a little,which i guess a roller would do a bit less,but it's not enough to be a problem.after years of use it's got about 1/16'' of wear on it.
    hey like the ranger i took your idea on the front suspension " the wisbone arms" and put it on my ranger and went wheelin on sunday and that idea is the best i have seen and i want to run the same suspension in the rear with a transverse leaf so there is no limit in drop. i have a question on were the bracket on the axle to the leaf spring? are you running a round bar welded to the stand so it slides or are you running roller like a roller farelead on a winch?
    hey man i need your help. i have a 83 and i have 2 spare 460s sitting around just wanting to be sstuffed into that thing. either that or a twin turbo 351. can you shoot me an email with some advice or anything that might help me to get started on the big blocj swap? that would be awesome man lethal_customs00@yahoo.com
    I have a question about fiberglass if you willing to tell me. So here it goes. What is jellcoat? And do you need to put on all types of fiberglass or just boats? I would like to do some fiberglass work on my stuff I just don't know how. Thanks for your help jeff
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