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    Torsen 8.8 4.10, pinion nut walked off...

    I hope you are kidding about using a hammer to give it a head start. That crush while torqueing is important to help get the proper bearing load. As to the gear lube to use, my differential tag states; use only synthetic 90W-140 gear lube. You can get by with other gear lubes but if you want...
  2. gw33gp

    How to disable horn when locking

    My horn only sounds if I press the lock button twice when locking. No horn if pressed once. It came from the factory like that. So, there must be some way to program that. The horn does not sound when pressed twice while unlocking. It just unlocks both doors.
  3. gw33gp

    Hydraulic clutch issues

    I have used the master cylinder bleed in place method. You still have to remove the master cylinder from the firewall but you don't have to disconnect the lines. I just turned it upside down and pumped it by hand a few times until I got good resistance. Make sure the reservoir is full. It...
  4. gw33gp

    one 15inch rim with three 14inch rims

    If you have a limited slip differential on the rear, I think it would be better to leave the 15" on the front. Open differential should be okay either way for just a couple weeks if you don't drive a lot. If you have 4WD, it would be best to leave it in 2WD with the 15" wheel on either location.
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    M5OD Alternative Fluids

    I have been running Royal Purple Synchromax for the last 150K or so miles. Just before the transmission had 250K miles on it I had it taken apart to make sure I would not have any issues with it. They did replace the 5th/reverse cluster because it was worn a little. Everything else was in...
  6. gw33gp

    Victimized by tire shiners

    I am pretty sure Amor All is just diluted silicone oil and maybe a little glycerin.
  7. gw33gp

    Victimized by tire shiners

    WD-40 is mostly kerosene or kerosene like solvent. Fish oil may be in there but I have never heard of it.
  8. gw33gp

    Victimized by tire shiners

    They learned long ago that using carbon black in rubber gave the rubber much better properties as a tire.
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    AC cuts off when accelerating

    I agree with Dirtman. It seems like the fan shuts off but the air is just directed to the defrost vents as a default and it just seems like the fan shuts off. I had to replace my vacuum reservoir because the check valve went bad. It was a pretty easy fix on my 02. I suspect an 08 would be...
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    After shutting down in 4wd and starting in 2wd - Thunk from the front

    Open axles should have no affect on the transfer case binding. The transfer case locks the front axle to the rear axle when in 4WD. When turning a corner in 4WD the front and rear axles rotate at different speeds which causes the binding. Driving straight helps the binding to relax which...
  11. gw33gp

    After shutting down in 4wd and starting in 2wd - Thunk from the front

    My race car is a 61 Austin Healey Sprite modified to modern racing rules. I raced in SCCA until this year. With so many race cancellations due to the Pandemic, I did not renew my license. I still am able to get my car on the track for some high speed driving though. As long as your driveway...
  12. gw33gp

    Upgrade Brakes for towing: 93' Ford ranger 4x4 v6 options

    My Ranger easily handles towing a little over 3,500 lbs with trailer brakes. I never feel the tuck is at or near its limits. I towed the same setup with my 89 STX and without trailer brakes and I had to drive way ahead of the vehicle, allowing plenty of room to slow or stop. I did that for...
  13. gw33gp

    Upgrade Brakes for towing: 93' Ford ranger 4x4 v6 options

    I upgrade my brakes for towing because the stock brake were not up to the task and came close to getting me in trouble a few times. I did it without changing the rotor or calipers. I use Akebono ceramic pads on the front and Raybestos Super Stop brake shoes in the rear. Raybestos doe not make...
  14. gw33gp

    After shutting down in 4wd and starting in 2wd - Thunk from the front

    'gw' are my initials, '33' is my race car number and 'gp' is the class I used to race in. The class I race in now is HP but I never changed my handle. Not related to your issue but you asked.(y)
  15. gw33gp

    Starts and idles smoothly, will not rev past idle speed but refuses to stall.

    I suggest also checking the vacuum while idling and when you try to increase rpm. This can give you information that can help determine if a restricted catalytic converter or other exhaust restriction may be the problem.