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    1994 Ranger 4.0 V6 cranks but won't start. Tried all the normal things. Grasping for straws here. One weird clue.

    It is very common that the anti-backflow valve in the fuel pump is not working properly if the fuel pressure drops off when the engine is turned off. Sometimes you have to try to start it several times before it will fire. Cycling the ignition switch a few times (on and off positions) just...
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    FM145 strength and how much power it can take

    adsm, thank you for the detailed information. It sounds like the weaker input and output bearings in the FM-145 and FM-146 is the main reason it has a bad reputation. Apparently, I did something right to not loose those bearings. If the FM145 had a 5th gear worse than the FM-146, it truly is...
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    FM145 strength and how much power it can take

    Is the FM 145 that much different than the FM146 other than the FM 146 is for the 2.9L? I ran my 89 STX with the FM146 near 200K miles with no problems. I learned not to tow with it in 5th gear but other than that it did very well for me. I towed my race car all over the country and did a...
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    FX4 4wd Chrome Lever

    Since that is a transfer case shifter, you will probably have a very difficult time finding one. The only made them two years (2002 & 2003). They are semi-rare and I am sure anyone that has one will not want to part with it. However, those vehicle are getting up in the years and miles and may...
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    FX-4 or not?

    Uncle Gump, the 2019 FX4 Ranger is a fairly well equipped overlander now but I agree it will most likely be better from the factory in a couple years. I would like to see at least 33" tires. I think more after market stuff will be available later too. I don't like to get crazy about modifying...
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    FX-4 or not?

    "Run it as long as it's practical. A paid for vehicle with an occasional repair, even a big one, is still less expensive than a vehicle payment." I agree with that but I do want a vehicle that is very reliable. I go to some very remote places and can't risk breakdowns. So far It has done...
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    Overheating after New T-Stat

    When I get a thermostat with no jiggle valve, I drill a small hole (~1/16") in it near the edge as far out as practical and position it at 12:00. I also have the front of the vehicle a little higher when I fill with coolant. I always check it again after driving a while and top off as needed...
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    FX-4 or not?

    I think the report I saw was the video you posted. Thanks for that, it was helpful to me for when I do make the jump into a new Ranger. I am still very happy with my old 02 FX4 for now with almost 247K miles on it. I originally planned to keep it for 300K miles so I have a few to go.
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    FX-4 or not?

    I saw a report where they took a new FX4 on a Jeep trail in Arizona. It is tough enough that they brought a Jeep Rubicon along incase they got into trouble. They banged on the skid plates a few times and even thought there were some scrapes on them, they felt they did a decent job and where...
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    Rock Sliders.. Anybody Else Have Them On Their 5th Gen Rangers?

    I bought a set for my 02. They would have fit perfectly with a body lift but I didn't have one and didn't want to do it. I sent them back. Apparently, they did not realized the Ranger they used to design the Rock Sliders had a body lift and could not understand why they would not fit my truck...
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    [HELP} 20w50 oil. Oil light flickers. Fine at idle but sometimes flickers when driving.

    No, I didn't replace the connector. I just crimped the female connector on the wire a little to get a tighter fit with the sender terminal. It may not be necessary to replace the sending unit. Installing a mechanical oil gauge will tell you a lot.
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    [HELP} 20w50 oil. Oil light flickers. Fine at idle but sometimes flickers when driving.

    My 89 Ranger had a somewhat similar problem. It had a bad connection at the sending unit. I crimped it a little and reattached it and the problem went away. I ran it on 20W-50 synthetic oil the whole time I owned it (almost 200K miles) without any problems with the engine.
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    Input shaft seal, how do I get to it?

    I always use two nuts tightened together to remove studs. I have never damaged threads or the stud doing this that I am aware of. I guess it could happen on a soft metal stud with hard nuts. It is a good idea to use the wrench on the inside nut that you will be using to unscrew the thread...
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    Just noticed a sale on Torsen units...

    Yes, applying brakes does help the Torsen to act more like a locker but I find acceleration also helps it to act more like a locker. Unfortunately, you can only accelerate just so much before you get going too fast. It works well for short term traction though. Torsen can't beat a locker for...
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    Tow Ratings With Manual Transmission

    I towed my race car all over the country on a trailer with a combined weight varying from 3,500 to 4,000 lbs plus another 800 lbs on the bed with both my 89 STX with the Mitsubishi transmission (FM146?) and my 02 FX4 with the Mazda transmission. I had almost 200K miles on the STX and have 246K...