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    Questions for BW 1354 transfer case experts

    I do appreciate all the advice and any of it could have easily been the problem. I also called one of my brothers in Kansas who is a good mechanic and has his own shop. He gave me a couple more things to look at if I opened it up again. There is one thing I didn't mention because I didn't...
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    Questions for BW 1354 transfer case experts

    The shifter is adjusted correctly. Once it fully engages into 4WD it shifts normally back and forth between 4WD hi and 4WD low, and sometimes it shifts normally 2WD into 4WD while driving. I made sure not to change the adjustment and asked the shop that rebuilt the transmission not to remove...
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    Questions for BW 1354 transfer case experts

    I recently disassembled my TC and found everything to be in good condition at 234K miles. The bearings were still in excellent shape so I just installed new seals and a new chain (it really didn't need it). Once everything was back together it shifted manually as it should and everything...
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    TRS 20th Anniversary Patch - Want One?

    Jim, You have PayPal funding from me with an address. Great idea.
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    Slight vibration at speed

    This is an old thread, but tjtoledo asked for some picture of my manual shift transfer case shift linkage and shifter. I thought this would be the best place to post the pictures since he ask for them on this thread. I show four different views to try to get everything included.
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    Had transmission checked out

    I had to take my transmission out to replace the slave cylinder that had a very slow leak when cold. I decided to take the transmission to a rebuild shop to have it checked out because it has almost 243K miles on it. It was working perfectly with no unusual noises with the exception of a very...
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    Passing CA Emissions

    CA doesn't sniff the tail pipe on newer vehicles anymore. On my 2002 (not that new) they just plug into the OBD port and do a visual inspection. I guess as long as no codes are stored or pending, it passes.
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    Continental Divide Trail in 2020 or 2021. Interested?

    I am in for the entire trip. Things could change between now and then but I have a reliable vehicle, the time and this is the kind of trip I take once or twice a year. I have wanted to do this one for a while but other things keep getting in the way. Planning this far out will make it easy to...
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    Use Anti Seize on New Plugs ???

    It is extremely proprietary. Some of the components were not even commercially available after I developed it (which took 10 years) and wanted to scale up. I had to find a company with the capability to make them for me. You would not want to pay the cost of the materials anyway.
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    Use Anti Seize on New Plugs ???

    Nickel works better at the temperature spark plugs see. I use an anti-seize that I developed for aircraft jet engine bolts and nuts that see 1400 F. It is over kill but I never have a problem.
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    Retaining clip for hydraulic clutch line

    I almost ordered an updated slave cylinder because I could get it in aluminum. Then I found out it had that retaining clip for the hydraulic line and a lot of people had problems with it. I decided not to have to deal with it and ordered a LUK slave. Sorry, I don't have any suggestions on how...
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    The 2019 'Loan Ranger', and 2019 Ranger Adventure

    The Continental Divide is a trip I would love to take. Just let me know when.
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    Why only up to 2011 offroad rangers?

    I don't know why you say that. My 2002 FX4 Off-Road is just as capable off-road as my 89 STX. In fact, the FX4 was more capable off-road from the factory than the STX.
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    Off Road Preference? Stick or Automatic?

    I just remembered another plus for having a manual off-road. If you are in the middle of nowhere and you find your battery does not have enough power while trying to start the engine, you are out of luck with an automatic when you don't have a way to jump it. With a manual; you can just get it...
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    Off Road Preference? Stick or Automatic?

    I know automatics are easier to use off-road but I still prefer a manual. I have always used a manual off-road in the 40 some years I have been doing it. It just comes natural to me and I rarely get into situations that I wish I had an automatic. I know some day I will probably not have a...