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    Transmission rebuild shop

    I am thinking about getting my Mazda manual transmission rebuilt while I have it out to install a new clutch slave cylinder. I am not having any problems with it but do get a slight rhythmic bearing type sound from the transmission when in first and cruising. It has been doing this for a...
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    Perfection Clutch slave cylinder

    My Ranger is a daily driver. It also is used on long trips, many times while towing. It also goes on long trips off-road where the clutch is used a lot. I don't know why yours has worn sooner but they should last longer. I think a clutch slave should last at least as long as the clutch...
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    Perfection Clutch slave cylinder

    Here is a link.
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    Distinguishing a ‘02 Ranger from XLT or FX4?

    I am not sure you had to pay extra for an automatic 02 FX4. If so, it was not much more. I do know it was much more difficult to find an 02 FX4 with an automatic than it was with a manual. I went through that search and experience it myself. There was a bit more to a FX4 than just better...
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    Perfection Clutch slave cylinder

    At 100K miles the original slave developed a strange vibration when letting out on the clutch. The internal slave part that rides on the transmission guide had worn and was loose causing it to oscillate under certain conditions. Now, with 242K miles on my Ranger, the second slave (a LUK) has a...
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    Perfection Clutch slave cylinder

    I am getting ready to replace the slave cylinder in my 02 Ranger for the second time. I was going to just install an OEM slave but came across this Perfection Clutch slave that is described as being made of aluminum instead of plastic. That sounds like it would be more durable. Does anyone...
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    4.56 Gears - 2009 Ford Ranger Sport 4x4

    I think 4.88 gears with 33" tires would work well for a 2.3 or 3.0 engine but not a good choice for a 4.0. I run 4.56 gears with 33" tires and I think it works very well. I do have a manual transmission but the 4.56 gears with 33" tires is still lower than the factory combination of gear and...
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    This 2019 Ford Ranger FX4 has an open front differential

    I have Torsen LS front and rear and it works very well. There are a couple very minor things I notice about the combination but nothing a little common sense driving doesn't fix. I would really prefer a selectable locker in front with the Torsen in the rear, but a front selectable locker is...
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    What size tires are on you’re Ranger ?

    My current Ranger came from the factory with 31x10.5-15" BFG AT tires. I also ran 31x10.5-15 BFG AT tires on my 89 STX but it had a factory 1.5" lift. I think you should be able to use them with no problem. I now run 33x10.5-15 BFG KM2 tires and only have a 1.5" torsion bar lift. I did bend...
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    Battery group sizes.

    I have been running a Group 34 Optima Redtop battery in my 02 since the first battery change. The hold down is the same type but I think I had to make a slight modification to make it totally secure.
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    Yep. Another question about tension guide durability

    I replaced my timing chain tensioners somewhere around 80-100K miles and am at 241K miles now with the second set and all seems to be well. The original ones were not bad when I replaced them. I just found a good deal on them and decided to replace them as a maintenance item because of all the...
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    Replacing all hoses - best resource?

    I use Rock Auto a lot but sometimes it is not easy to know if you are getting exactly the right thing. When that happens, I go to Tasca parts online. They have been consistently the lowest dealer parts source for me. Even with shipping across country I save and rarely have gotten a wrong...
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    Cb radio questions

    4X4junkie, I would guess that you have some Amateur Radio (Ham) experience.
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    Planning any adventures with your Ranger this year?

    I am leading a group into The Maze section of Canyonlands in Utah in September. I have not been there since around 1980. My wife and I went in by ourselves with our trusty FJ55 Landcruiser and had a great trip. I have been wanting to go back for a long time. I let it be known in a group that...
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    What type of Ranger package do you want Ford to make?

    My idea of a good off-road vehicle is a little different than many people. I don't want a big lift because I go for many days and carry a lot of supplies. I don't want the center of gravity too high for the type of trails I encounter. I prefer no more than 2" lift, just enough to allow 33"...