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  1. EGR Manifold Thread Size/Pitch

    The insulation on my EGR tube was falling apart, so I planned to pull it and put some heat wrap on it since I had plug wires real close to it. When I went to take the lower part off, I noticed the tube was rusting pretty badly, so I just ordered a whole new tube. Was cheap enough. I had...
  2. Bed/Body Rust Protection

    Wondering what is the most effective and best way to protect my truck body, rockers, truck bed in general, pretty much any sheet metal on the truck from rust. I got the frame taken care of. No rust in the fenderwells or rockers at the moment. There is some rust present underneath the bed, but...
  3. What did you do to your Ranger today? (Part Deux!)

    After like half a year of procrastinating, finally decided to do my front suspension rebuild. 5 days before a family vacation, lol. Had all the parts by January, but it was cold, then work got busy, and I put if off. Took around 3 days, had to wait for emergency parts for 2 days, then 1 more day...
  4. Towing Capacity Question

    I plan to tow a rental tow-behind boom lift soon. It's weight is 4,800 pounds. Truck specs is 2002 Ranger XLT 4x4 4.0L 5 speed auto 4.10 LSD. I have a Class III hitch, trailer brake controller, and all the wiring going from the controller to the plug in the rear from the previous owner. I'm...
  5. Vibration in Seat and Pedals

    It started about a year ago. I don't drive at those speeds alot, so I didn't try and fix it as soon as it happened. No affected by throttle pressure. Happens from 65-75 regardless if I am coasting, cruising, or WOT. I can definitely feel it in my seat and pedals. Truck is stock.
  6. Vibration in Seat and Pedals

    Do not know if this is the correct forums for this post. So I have a vibration in my seat/pedals from about 65-70'ish. I've done the following to try and fix it with none of it working: Had someone balance them, still vibration. Won't matter in the next test I did Jacked up the rear and drove at...
  7. Strange Dash Noise

    Digging up an old post. Turns out, it was bad front wheel bearings causing pieces in the dash to rattle. Replaced the wheel bearings because they were bad, and all dash noises went away
  8. Strange Dash Noise

    No, it does it with climate control on or off. Heat and A/C. Used to do it only with A/C, now it does it with A/C off. Also found it does it with Heat the other day. Yes I am sure, lol It's a 2002. I've actually had a leaf get into the blower before, lol
  9. Strange Dash Noise

    I have a strange dash noise. I haven't been able to record it. The only way I can describe it is as if there's a mouse inside the dash scratching real quickly. I obviously don't have a mouse in my truck. It's not consistent. It used to be only when the AC ran. Now it'll start doing it like 2...