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  1. Engine swap help

    Good for you! Understand though an engine swap is alot like painting. It's all in the prep. Make sure you have everything you need and plenty of time before you get started.
  2. Engine swap help

    To add on to what Colin said the block itself might be compatible but sensor locations or number of wires may have changed over that span of time. That would necessitate some soldering or replacing chunks of the wire harness. My suggestion would be to check a website like and...
  3. Purge solenoid question

    Sounds like you got it right. I had to replace the same unit on my truck. Hasn't thrown any codes so I guess I installed it right...
  4. Mystery console electrical connector

    I have an after market radio installed but I used all the connections when I hooked it up. The harness for this one runs low and behind the ash tray while the radio is installed a few DIN higher up in the center console. This truck does have AC but again, all the center console controls are...
  5. Mystery console electrical connector

    Ah. That would be the one manual I don't have for my truck. I have the body book and the powertrain book... but not that one. Nuts.
  6. Mystery console electrical connector

    I can get another photo for the wire colors. The harness itself is run low along the bottom of the console so I don't think its supposed to reach up to where the stereo resides. I do have an after market unit in that I installed myself but it is fully functional so I don't think that is the...
  7. Mystery console electrical connector

    I noticed this connector hanging down from under the center dash console the other day and I have no clue what it goes to. Anybody have a guess? As far as I can tell all my controls and such work so I don't think it's a connector that fell off something recently.
  8. What did you do to your Ranger today? (Part Deux!)

    Hello hello! If you ever see a red B3000 driving around with a metal flatbed, wave will ya?
  9. What did you do to your Ranger today? (Part Deux!)

    Today I continued my quest to get the bloody thing to behave right proper for once so I don't have to fiddle with it anymore. Fixed a rich mix CEL by correctly putting the cold start warm up loop in the air box back together correctly. Also cleaned out the PCV valve and fixed a small vacuum...
  10. Odd issue with my 1994

    You check the neutral safety switch? You mentioned you got a CEL for that.
  11. 94 3.0 running rich

    Also if anyone is looking for the air intake tube that goes from the MAF to the throttle body for a '94 vulcan 3.0, here's a link: Ford Resonator Tube Assembly Bimetallic one way check valve for air box: Air Charge Temp Sensor
  12. 94 3.0 running rich

    I may have solved this tonight. After some heavy duty research I figured out the silver disc with vacuum ports inside the air box is what ford calls a Cold Weather Modulator(CWM). Essentially it is a bimetal one way check valve that is use to actuate the air flapper located inside the...
  13. Clearance issue removing clip from disconnect on hydraulic clutch line

    I have a '94 3.0 and in my case there was no freaking way I was getting it off with a screwdriver. It turned out though I had the correct disconnect tool for it because of working on pex plumbing for my house. My house uses .75 inch plumbing so that is the tool I bought. My suggestion is to...
  14. 94 3.0 running rich

    So I was inspecting the air intake system and found that most likely some air would have been leaking out from around the air filter. I fixed that. Also found that the air intake pipe that goes from the MAF to the throttle body is missing chunks of plastic on the throttle body end. The owner...
  15. 94 3.0 running rich

    Brand new motorcraft ECT and the fuel pressure should be good. Last time I checked it was around 35psi which is in spec. If the engine is running fine but the engine is throwing codes because the injector pulse width is to narrow I'm fine with that. I just want to make sure that I'm not...