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  1. greasemonkey6886

    Body lift install question

    My body lift arrives in the morning. Just wondering, on the BroncoII do you have to drop the gas tank to get to the rear 4 mounts on the bottom?
  2. greasemonkey6886

    94 Explorer blowing eec fuse

    a friend of mine has a 94 Explorer that keeps blowing the eec maxi fuse in the power distribution box. He says that it blows within a second or so of the fuel pump kicking on. He says that he replaced the fuel pump about a month ago. I suspect the fuel pump wiring bad, any other ideas?
  3. greasemonkey6886

    Calling the A4LD pro's-Reverse but no drive

    Ok a little background...89 Bronco II 2.9,A4ld w/dummy transfer case. Bought this thing about two months ago and trailered it home. it would move when I got her but the fluid was low. Previous owner stated that he had just put a new flywheel and starter on it due to the wrong starter being...
  4. greasemonkey6886

    D35 drive shaft yoke bolts

    Anybody got any suggestions on what to replace those annoying little bolts with?:annoyed: Why they even bothered with the hex head is beyond me! Only thin you can use to get them out is a torx bit and if they have been in there for any length of time your gonna break that. I thought about a...
  5. greasemonkey6886

    Very sad week since tuesday!!

    Well the week started out good untill tuesday evening after work. Got off and was on the way to help a friend out with his car when an idiot pulled out in front of me from a stop sign. Locked my breaks down and tried to mis her but.... you guessed it KA-BLAM. :annoyed:Good news is that no-one...
  6. greasemonkey6886

    Any ideas of divorce mounting a transfer case?

    Ok let me explain, in the process of building a truck for mud bog competition using the parts we have for the time being. Have a 91 ranger 4x4 but no engine or tranny installed, used for a previous engine swap. We have a 92 Ranger 4x2 that has been totalled in a front end crash. Engine and...
  7. greasemonkey6886

    Dont use a 91 Explorer dash and harness in a Ranger or BII

    Hey guys I posted this just to try to help somebody avoid the nightmare that I am currently facing. i just done a 4.0 swap in a 89 BII and used a 91 Explorer dash and harness. This was done simply because i am changing the interior color to that of the Explorer. It bolted in and most plugs...
  8. greasemonkey6886

    2.9 headers on a 4.0?

    Ok does anybody know if the flange on a set of 2.9 headers is the same as for the 4.0. Reason I ask is that I have a pair of 2.9 headers and I am in the process of doing a 4.0 swap on my BII. Not really worried about the rest of the headers just the flange that bolts to the head, i can bend up...
  9. greasemonkey6886

    Mudding pics

    Went out muddin yesterday and got a bunch of pics and had a ton of fun. Even got the wifes 4.o swapped BII in the mud.
  10. greasemonkey6886

    Changed my windshield today

    The windshield in my wifes 88 BII has had stone chips and really bad pitting since we got it back in '06. We have learned to deal with it but it was very annoying. Back in September I drove it from Savannah Ga. to Pa. to see my wife and her family. While up there the cold weather decided to play...
  11. greasemonkey6886

    Older A4ld floor shift on newer tranny

    I am planning on installing a A4ld out of a 92 sploder into my 89 BII and was wondering if the floor shifter and linkage from an 85 would work on the newer tranny. I know the 92 has a column shift and cable setup but I would rather have the floor shift if possible. This may have been asked...
  12. greasemonkey6886

    Project "Step Child"

    Ok here goes. I bought this 89 back in 06 after having had two BII's in the late 90's and loving them both. One got totalled in a rollover by my at the time step son and the other had to be sold due to hard times. Loved these things ever since and had to have it when I seen it for sale. It...
  13. greasemonkey6886

    What do you guys think about this crazy idea?

    Ok first off let me say that I know a lot of us on here are not really fond of Jeeps but I thought that this idea would spark some attention and discussion. A co-worker of mine has a 87 Jeep Cherokee that is worn slap out as far as powertrain. his brother has a 85( I think) Ranger 2.8 4X4...
  14. greasemonkey6886

    Finally did the 4.0 swap. What a beast!!!

    Hey guys and gals, just wanted to say a big thank you for all the great info on this site!! After reading about this swap for a couple of years now and wanting to do it, all the money and pieces came together. I got the EVTM's for both vehicles as stated on hear and dove in. The dreaded wiring...
  15. greasemonkey6886

    how to post photos

    How do you put photos in your message.Do you have to have them on photobucket or something of the sort? I tried and it asked for the url of the pic.

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