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    97 Supercab Flareside V8 Swap Update Everything and Lowered

    Thanks for the info Walt.
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    97 headlight bottom adjuster

    Bought a truck with no bottom adjusters on both of the headlights. Can someone give me a part number on this part. Im finding adjusters (F37Z-13032-B), but this one looks like the 2 adjusters that comes with the light on the top of each side. I need the one that is for the bottom. You are...
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    97 Supercab Flareside V8 Swap Update Everything and Lowered

    Was thinking about going E303. I really didn't want it to be beyond .030 but the shop that did the work said the same thing, that Ford didn't recommend it but they didn't have problems with going .040 over. Before they even started they pointed out it was bad and if it went past .040 they would...
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    97 Supercab Flareside V8 Swap Update Everything and Lowered

    1997 Ford Ranger Supercab XLT Flareside V8 Swap Update Everything and lowered build page. Bought this with the intention of updating everything so I overlooked many of the problems it has. That being said, the truck runs and I want to keep it running and together until I can get a new...
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    97 drive shaft swap

    So I did some reading and the 5 speed is a 4 speed with a chip in it that runs 2 gears at the same time making it a 5 speed. They are the same transmissions. Had some time this weekend and did the swap. The carrier bearing was shot and the U-Joint behind the bearing was also shot. Total time...
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    Help Identify 96 Explorer 5.0

    Was looking at VIN # information in the tech section of this site and found: Last 6-Digits Are The Sequence Number Beginning With A00001 (Ford) or J00001 (Lincoln/Mercury) A00001-E99999 = Ford Division J00001-L99999 = Lincoln / Mercury Division So this is a J code Lincoln/Mercury. This site...
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    Finally found a tan full center console

    No longer own the truck as of end of last year. No pictures of it back together, but I have a new truck and will be doing the same thing. Went ahead and cut the 60/40 driver seat to bucket but am waiting for warmer days to start looking in junkyards.
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    97 drive shaft swap

    Found one at Pick your Parts that was not bent or dinged up. Its from a 2002 Ext Cab 3.0 with a 7.5 rear end, but the AT was a D code (5 speed). My ranger AT is a T code (4 Speed) Drive shaft is 60" weld to weld. Drive shaft part # F87A-4602-PB. Will this work or do I need to find the right T...
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    97 drive shaft swap

    Bad vibrations at different speeds and need the one piece drive shaft. 97 Ext Cab 3.0 AT 2WD 7,5 rear end. I know to look for the same one, 60" weld to weld. Was wondering if the 24 spline slip yoke changed in any over the years and if I can use all years. Have been looking for 98-01 thinking...
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    Are stepside tailgates interchangeable

    Are the stepside tailgates interchangeable over the years from 94-04? They sure look the same was wondering if a 2004 tailgate could take the place of my dented 1997 tailgate?
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    Help Identify 96 Explorer 5.0

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    Help Identify 96 Explorer 5.0

    The vin stamp is on the engine block. Its on the other side from the starter. It reads V U J 5 4 2 5 1. V is 1997 right? Hard to see the V, but at other angle its clear. What is the U and the J code? The 54251 is the numbered series.
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    Here I am, from France

    Welcome, The tailgate is an easy fix. The part you need is called a Tailgate Hinge Insert Kit, they are less than $10 US dollors. Little plastic pieces that fit into the hinge of the tailgate keep it centered.
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    Ford Explorer Consoles

    Just me but I think the oonsole from the sport trac look better and the model will work up till the year 2007. Seats will also fit the Ranger and have an adjustable head rest. I've seen colors in tan, grey and black.