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  1. GoGoggansGo

    3.0 Performance Build

    i shit you not my dad has the flex fuel engine and it was faster than the non flex fuel truck
  2. GoGoggansGo

    2.3 needs more power

    You’re 100 percent correct back in the day my brother wanted to build his 2.3, turbo you name it. But it was just so expensive to do and parts aren’t easy to get. Considering my big turbo fiesta makes 310whp, for about 3000 dollars all in. It’s easier just to swap in a 5.0 IMO
  3. GoGoggansGo

    Back after 8 years

    All black ?
  4. GoGoggansGo

    Back after 8 years

    I haven’t been on here in a long long long time and boy i forgot what a great sight this was but for the hell of I’d like to go over my car purchases and my stories. My 1993 ford ranger 4.0 which my dad bought new btw gave up the ghost this year during the snap cold front, she finally broke down...
  5. GoGoggansGo

    OHV performance?

    i was just going to say lol the dude who made this thread is long long long gone
  6. GoGoggansGo

    Updating the 4.0L Tech Page - Suggestions Needed

    lol i preferred their OHV engine as well, my parents have the SOHC engine in there explorer and i could write an paper about how dated and old it feels
  7. GoGoggansGo

    How to build a 4.0 OHV for power, some limits and tips...

    lol i haven’t been active on here since 2012 and got bored. The short answer would be no, the OHV 4.0 wouldn’t gain a lot by doing a head swap from the later castings. Even if the compression did go up and I’m sure it does Ford must of gone it’s not worth talking or re certifying the engine over
  8. GoGoggansGo

    Need help with diagnosis

    I have a 93 4.0 with 225k miles on her. She’s been a good truck and now I’ve gotten good little chirp/squeak coming from the engine unfortunately i won’t be able to really get a good idea what’s up until i have some free time and look the old gal over. But what’s going on is in this cold and...
  9. GoGoggansGo

    Are magnaflow cats good

    I have an 93 4.0 with mods etc. Its not that my stock cat are bad they are working fine as are the stock o2 sensors. What i am looking for are good performance cats is there any are mags good any suggestions is it worth my time. Please be nice as I do not know any info thanks:icon_thumby...
  10. GoGoggansGo

    93 Ford Ranger paint correction finished

    Took 3 days heres a link to my autogeek.net forum thread :icon_cheers: http://www.autogeekonline.net/forum/show-n-shine/49324-final-paint-correction-93-ford-ranger.html
  11. GoGoggansGo

    93-95 Ford Ranger Chips, and Tunes

    Out of curiosity I have been wondering if anybody has used Jet chip, Hypertech, or any other chips or tuning to have any positive results. I did contact Hypertech some time ago, and with my ported heads, and other mods it will do me no good only a stock 4.0 is what the chip is designed for. Just...
  12. GoGoggansGo

    93 OBI check engine

    I have recently noticed that my check engine light does not come on when. I turn on the ignition. I removed the negative battery terminal, and in theory this should have reset the primitive OBDI, but to no avail. So could the check engine light be burnt. The truck runs like a top no misses or...
  13. GoGoggansGo

    2nd Gear Grinding

    I have had the clutch replaced, that included a new slave cylinder and other items replaced. This was 2 to 3 years ago, so I don't remember everything. Just the other day I was driving pretty lividly, and did a quick shit into second, and starting grinding, so I put it in neutral Ok everything...
  14. GoGoggansGo

    Svt Focus vs 93 Ported 4.0 Ranger vs 08 cobalt ss supercharged

    My very naive brother is looking at an svt focus. He thinks that it will be my 93 4.0 with a ton of mods only thing stock is the bottom end, cam, cats and manifold why if it working good why replace it. and headers are very expensive for the 4.0 if you very good ones. And he thinks he can keep...

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