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    How to clean injector seats?

    I'm replacing fuel rail gaskets and injector o-rings and am almost ready to reinstall the fuel rail, but there is a lot of grime and carbon build-up in the injector seats. Is there a way to clean them out without dumping the crud down into the manifold? I don't have a shop vac and I wasn't able...
  2. generic

    Replacing 1996 4.0L upper intake gaskets & injector seals

    I need to replace the fuel-rail-to-lower-intake gasket(s) on my 1996 4.0L OHV as they have begun to get sucked into the front and rear pair of intake ports. Mine is the plastic spacer (~3/16" thick) sandwiched between 2 thinner gaskets (paper I think, don't have them off yet). I have the intake...
  3. generic

    Program ABS Control Module or no?

    I think this is only my 2nd post here as you've all done so well pre-emptively answering my other questions :icon_thumby: But, now... I am trying to get a definitive answer on whether or not the remanufactured ABS control module I just got (BWD, from Oreilly's) absolutely needs to be...
  4. generic

    Idler pulley & belt train questions

    new to the forums but have been reading posts for a little while. great resource! I threw the idler pulley a couple weeks ago (well, actually my step-mom was driving it when it happened), so I'm picking up a new one plus a belt and new tensioner assembly. don't know if the pulley bolt broke...