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  1. No inertia switch still same issue.

    89 B2 4wd atx, the inertia switch was taken out when I first got it for being melted at the terminals and being bad. I put in a manual toggle switch with a power on light. It won't start some times and other times it will fine light lit right up those times when it won't start or dies while...
  2. LoOk what rolled into work the other day...

    It's a 1976 bronco with a 302 inside :):headbang: guy says he has another one and a hard full hard top for this one. :icon_thumby: it was pretty cool
  3. speedo needle jiggles on way up to 35mph

    would this be a speedo cable issue or something else? basically it seems to jiggle or wiggle up and down a couple mph on the way up to 35mph. It like sweeps up and down just a bit while climbing... :yahoo: i love car issues!!!
  4. Some lift progress pictures.

    Well I started out with this one in trade when I sold my neighbor a saab 9-5 and as part of his payment he gave me two bronco2's. The other one was a 89 completely trashed barely running I let go for 4 bills.(more rust then bronco) but this was his old daily driver the interior was mint...
  5. Tach gauge keeps dieing for a couple seconds and coming back...?

    As the title says outta the clear blue my tach needle drops to 0 (it runs perfectly fine) then after a little bit it comes right back up. bumps kinda seem to effect it but reached in a jiggled wires under dash and in engine bay does nothing... any ideas?
  6. Having an Issue with front springs after lifting...brand advice on springs

    So my rear of my 86 BII is sitting at 21.5" from axle center to fender and front AFTER 1.5" spring spacers is sitting at 17.5" I'm thinking my front springs are shot. So i've been looking at leveling springs and i found a set on that auction site. They say their made by skyjacker but i'm a...
  7. Just got done first 20min drive on newly rebuilt A4LD....heat???

    I just got back from driving my 86 b2 with a A4LD freshly rebuilt by myself (first one but I am an automotive Machinist by trade and had the rebuild info from on here and other sites). So either way...It drove decent but then again I didnt' go above 35mph and it idled for about 10 min before I...
  8. Freshly rebuilt A4LD about to go back in synthetic ATF?

    I just rebuilt my A4LD and am about to reinstall just i flush my cooler lines and run synthetic ATF with what ever that additive is it needs? or something else? Thanks for advice in advance guys!
  9. 86 b2 with 2.5" susp. lift Will 31x 10.5 x 15 fit on stock rim?

    Will it fit on the rim and not rub with about 2.5 suspension lift? my rims are the later style aluminum ones with the multiple inch holes around the hub :icon_confused: (not sure of rim style name)
  10. Anybody know the factory spec for ground to center of fender???

    i forgot to measure before adding my "home lift kit" and i'm trying to get a rough idea of my lift height. Anybody know what it would be sitting on 235/75/15? front and rear height ? Or a way i can figure out my aproximate lift? Thanks in advance
  11. Does anyone know were i can get one of these front susp bolts??

    I'm doin a front lift and I messed up one of mine and need another one. halp!:dunno:
  12. 1992 low stall T.C. from a 4.0 ranger.? A direct fit to b2 2.9?

    As the title says will a (low stall) Torque converter from a 1992 Ranger 4.0L DIRECTLY swap into a A4LD 4wd trans connected to a 2.9? Will It need a different flex plate? Will It fit correctly to the Trans? And most importantly.. Is there a Real Gain to doing this? Thanks in advance everybody!
  13. UPDATE on my lift mod! with NEW! pictures

    So this is just the rear set up.... It has explorer 1998 4 leaf springs, belltec 6400 drop shackles, and 2 degree pinion shims (i think i put it in right..thick side of wedge in front) It only gave me a 2.25 inch raise in the rear... AND the trans is not in the truck (being rebuilt) so it's...
  14. Ok so are the EBAY liftkits 2"-3" for an 86 BII good or a waste?

    As the title says, I don't have tons to spend on this bronco, I know i need rear leaf springs, then the lift leaf, plus front bushings i guess. I will need body mounts since mine are shot. Will I need anything else like diff spacers (my buddies tacoma needed them) Like I said MONEY IS an...
  15. Whats average cost you'd expect for getting a A4LD rebuilt w new Torque Converter?

    I was quoted 600 to 700 if i brought him the tranny out of the bronco II and he'd put in a new/or reman torque converter. This is from a place of business not shade tree also. Is this good?:icon_confused: