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    Best gear ratio for 31" tires?

    Pod, Not all 4x4's come with a specific gear set, one of mine came with 4:10, the other with 3:43. It is worth the time and effort to establish what you have. When my Ranger was new with a fresh tune up on premium with 3:43's on 25.7" rubber, it would net 20/25 (city/hwy). That set up was a...
  2. gaz

    1994 Ford Explorer dash in 1988 ranger

    rocketkart, There are a number of companies that made headers for a Ford 92 ohv 4.0L; surprisingly, the headers for the Ford ohv 2.9L also line up correctly and even more shocking, FLOW better!!! I recommend building your own exhaust. You will literally save $100's building your own from...
  3. gaz

    Best gear ratio for 31" tires?

    Pod, I don't know what your stock gearing is but I feel 28.5" with 3:73 is perfect as is 32" on 4:10's. Your talking about in between, so I would not chose to go with any but the size combos I've mentioned if possible. Between a 31" tire with 3:73's or 4:10's, the 4:10 is closer with 31's...
  4. gaz

    Lifter problem

    SWE_lollo, Welcome 🙂 I would verify oil pressure when running but look at the oil level and how it looks on the stick 1st. Next area I would suspect is under the valve covers. So if the oil pressure is good and the oil on the stick looks how you expect, then I would pop the valve covers and...
  5. gaz

    Do y'all's trucks ride rough?

    My truck rides rough when empty, it is designed to ride well when LOADED. The BII is just a slice of heaven no matter.
  6. gaz

    Running rich all the time

    Savage, You say that you recently replaced one or more O² sensors; I would definitely LOOK THERE 1ST.
  7. gaz

    Seat cover vs reupholster

    Mike, The camera on my phone is disabled and I don't own one. But it is an easy Google, they were called Captain buckets; it wasn't well known that they were made for Ford by Recaro. Once I learned about them I stumbled on my first set and bought them immediately (they were stock in an 89...
  8. gaz

    Seat cover vs reupholster

    Chapap, My favorite seats to put in 1st Gen Ranger's/BII's are early 90's BroncoII and Explorer captain buckets; they we're a $750/each factory option made by Recaro, they feel great, the whole ride!! They are very easy to find quality seat covers for, since they were factory options.
  9. gaz

    Failed smog :(

    When I lived in southern California I had to smog all.my out of state vehicles. The tech mentioned that even a leaking gas cap can through it out. What are you getting for fuel economy; that can tell tons about the level of effeicentcy your dealing with. It was years ago, 1998-2000 but I had...
  10. gaz

    Wanted WTB - 1986 2.9 Airbox lid & D35

    mnewman, The air box lid for a same era 4 cylinder also fits; they just have an extra hole to plug. If you still need one.
  11. gaz

    Timing help ‘’90 B2

    Avl, It is right next to the distributor, part of the wire harness. There is a small gray plastic, I call a "dog house" shape removable cover. It hangs so it could be just a little lower than line of site and on the passenger side.
  12. gaz

    2.9L timing help

    Boots, The connector is the 1st pic, on the heater blower side goes to the A/C. I'll take a look under the hood after daylight and locate the wire connector your holding by you brake reservoir but I thought the only place that funky connector was used is to the neg battery terminal wire.
  13. gaz

    2.9L timing help

    Boots, This is anal but...I have found that it makes a measurable improvement in vacuum and overall timing correctness. SIMPLY: -the engine should at normal operating temperature before removing the spout plug to set the correct base engine timing with the timing gun. -it has been my...
  14. gaz

    help lifting 89 bronco 2

    Luke, If you aren't in a hurry, I've pulled 2 suspension lifts from the wrecking yard; a complete 89 Ranger Hi Ryder factory 2" suspension (on my 87 Ranger long bed) and a 4" Pro-Comp off an 88 super-cab Ranger (now on my 87 BII), both complete with front/rear springs, sways, all drop brackets...
  15. gaz

    What gear ratio.

    ThatOneGuy, If you use 235x75R15 with 3.73's you will experience the highest fuel economy and great torque range use. I can not recommend any other tire size with 3.73's in a RBV; that is a perfect marriage and I will.be green, SUPAgreen!!!