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Recent content by Gacknar

  1. Gacknar

    No Back Brakes = Proportioning/ RABS valve

    After sliding through an intersection in the rain and my rear brakes not doing anything, I discovered they don't work...AT ALL! If you removed the rear bleeders, and STAND on the brake pedal, with the truck running, no fluid at all will come out. Having had this problem on my FSB, I...
  2. Gacknar

    Rockwell 2.5 Tons

    Chad Strader, is that you?
  3. Gacknar

    SkyJacker Xtreem drop pitman arm?

    I have read a lot here about using the SkyJacker Xtreem drop pitman arm and keeping the tie rods in line with the traction beams. This seems to be standard practice on RBV's. As I understand, the RBV version of this arm is 4" That said, I come from the FullSize world. The SkyJacker Xtreem drop...
  4. Gacknar

    Anyone modify there factory premium sound rear speaker boxes?

    I searched and found almost nothing about this on here. I did this about 7 or so years ago. It's a 6.5" Sony A$$plode where the original speaker was. It sounded way better than the blown factory speaker that was there. That said, it still has that "Hollow Mid-base Boomy-ness" that these...
  5. Gacknar

    Door window seals and sound deadening

    Replaced my door window seals today, the old ones where very dry rotted, and scratching the windows. And did a little sound deadening on the doors wile I had the panels off. The whistling wind noise is gone, and there is a noticeable difference in road noise. (Tire Roar) I also removed...
  6. Gacknar

    Missing Cargo Light, what is this in it's place?

    When I bought my 89 Ranger back in 2001, it had no cargo light. Instead it had this rubber "Boot" thing covering the spot where it should be. Knowing the previous owner had the truck painted at some point in the past I just assumed the paint shop had removed it when they painted it and never...
  7. Gacknar

    Extremely Harsh Ride

    My 89 Ranger STX High-Rider regular cab with a 4" (Moded to around 6") suspension lift rides really, really, really harsh. And I don't mean it rides like a truck. My 86 FSB with 9" of lift on 38"s rides like a truck. My 93 Explorer rides like a nice truck. This thing rides like a go-kart. I...
  8. Gacknar

    2.9L Muffler options

    What I have now. 2.9L with factory exhaust manifolds, factory Y-Pipe with factory cats, straight pipe out of the cats to a turndown under the bed. It is a little loud and I would like to tone it down a bit by adding a muffler and moving the turndown aft of the axle. I am attempting to choose...
  9. Gacknar

    16 Tooth Speedometer driven gear factory applications?

    I am wondering what vehicles, if any, Ford used the Maroon 16-Tooth speedometer driven gear C0DZ-A (C0DZ-17271-A) for manual trans/transfercases in as a factory application. I found lots of places to buy it on the internet, but I am already making a trip to a local "Pul-A-Part" for other items...
  10. Gacknar

    FM146 to M5OD-R1 shifter boot/bezel question.

    1989 Ranger STX High-rider, regular cab 4x4 with 6" lift. I have recently completed a FM146 to M5OD swap, but have encountered a problem with the shift boot and boot bezel. I cut the carpet and moved the bezel forward (+/-) 3" to match the M5OD's shifter, and I was able to cut the carpet in a...
  11. Gacknar

    Time to introduce myself

    Hi, I'm Gacknar and even though I have never posted until today I have been a registered user here at TRS since 2007. Back in 2001 I bought a 1989 Ranger STX Highrider with a 4" lift. In 2009 the second FM-146 ate it's input bearing, pilot bearing, and shattered the clutch disk. I parked it and...

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