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  1. 06 to 95 8.8 swap

    Would an 06 8.8 out of a ranger be a direct bolt in for my 95 ranger? I called a salvage yard and the guy told me that it would not fit...Any help is appreciated thank you
  2. oversize spare and 2wd

    Hey guys, just wondering what you 2wd guys do with your oversized spare tires. I have 31x10.5's and tried to mount the spare under the bed....didn't fit, any ideas? What do you guys have?
  3. Rear End Flange wobble

    The flange on my 7.5 rear end is wobbly. I've noticed a vibration from the driveshaft at highway speeds. So i crawled under the truck and found I could wiggle the flange that comes off the rear end up and down. What can I do to fix this problem? The truck drives fine, it's only when I'm...
  4. time for a tune up?

    Hey all, I have a 95 2wd with the 2.3L and am wondering when would be a good time for a tune up. When I got the truck 4 years ago it had 47K miles on it, and i put new plugs and wires in then. I'm at 130K now and wasn't really sure when a good tune up interval was. I put the Bosch platinum...
  5. Truck not starting too well

    This morning I went to go to work and my truck wouldn't start. It sounded like the battery was dead, (my lights were dim) so i rolled it down the driveway and popped the clutch and it started right up. On my lunch break today i went out to check on it, and the same thing happened, didn't...
  6. lockrite and 4.56 gears

    Is it possible to use a lock rite with 4.56 gears in a 7.5" rearend? Would i have to remove the ring gear and the carrier to install it? Is the ring gear too thick to grind a little bit off to get the cross pin out? I'm a newbie so sorry for all the questions:blush: