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    Hydro Assist (let's talk)

    So, steering with 37" tires and a locker up front sucks...... Time to do something about it. I think this is my plan, but I was wondering if anyone else has ever done it. I am going to use the the stock pump and stock gear box. :shok: Ya or No? Money is tight, so I was going to give it a go like...
  2. FordRanger89

    measurement question

    ^^^^^ lol I did not have a tractor though... I made due though. Then what I did is just sent my passenger axle shaft to dutchman axle and had them take off the same amount as I took from the tube. http://www.dutchmanaxles.com/ If you need pictures for help, use this link...
  3. FordRanger89

    ring and pinion advice

    I have the same set up. I am running 44 high pinion and soon to be 9" with 5.13s. You will need a new carrier for the 44; however, I don't think you need a new one for the 9". Is your 9" a 31 or 35 spline? Also, with the dana 44 and 9" the lowest gears you can go and still find matching ratios...
  4. FordRanger89

    Clarke 190EN

    Anyone ever use a clarke welder before??? what did you think? I was kind of looking at this one. http://www.amazon.com/Clarke-190EN-Fluxcore-Welder-220V/dp/B004UTTYT0/ref=pd_cp_hi_2 I don't have $700 to spend on another nice one, right now.
  5. FordRanger89

    EB dana 44 or fw dana 44

    Get a full width dana 44 so you can have the high pinion. The EB axles also come with 260x (small) u-joints. If you find a high pinion with disk brakes they come with 5-297x u-joints. Bigger is better, go with a full width dana 44 high pinion with disk brakes. That's what I did. Narrowing them...
  6. FordRanger89

    8.8 disc brakes

    I have an 91 explorer axle (8.8, 31 spline,dumb brakes). Can I "bolt on" 95 disc brakes? thanks
  7. FordRanger89

    sas dana 44

    Here is the new build thread i have been working on. I have a lot to update. I built a new trany mount and i finished my bumper. It looks pretty good :) http://therangerstation.com/forums/showthread.php?t=129550
  8. FordRanger89

    coil springs dana 44

    limiting what?? Please explain....
  9. FordRanger89

    coil springs dana 44

    This is what I use. http://www.tomsbroncoparts.com/product/coil-springs-5.5-lift-long-travel-new-per-pair Loaded they are at 17 and 3/4 which is about what you want right? The picture of the coils on the website is a bit off though. This is what it will look like. They ride nice and have...
  10. FordRanger89

    drivers side coil bracket ?

    so what did you end up doing??
  11. FordRanger89

    89 Ford Ranger SAS

    So I figured I would post a build thread so everyone can see what I did. Maybe it will help someone. Picture as of 5/20/2013 Front: 79 dana 44 high pinion, 5.13 mini spool, warn hubs, 6" TJ lift coils, narrowed 5", f250 shock towers, custom coil buckets (for jeep coils), high steer using...
  12. FordRanger89

    Alternator up grade???

    So I have a 2.9l and the alternator that comes with, just doesn't cut it. I have a 12000 lb winch and off road lights. Is there anything I can to to improve the system i have or possibly an alternator switch? let me know thanks.
  13. FordRanger89

    sas dana 44

    I will let you guys know. However, I do not know how soon that will be because I have no time. I got the parts for the single pice drive line swap. I have an 89, so i had to get the bigger yoke for my rear axle. I think I will be doing the swap on memorial day weekend. :yahoo:
  14. FordRanger89

    Narrowing Dana 44

    The u-joints are smaller in the classic bronco axles. If you are narrowing the f-150 axle then just shorten the passenger side. Then you can send the passenger side inner axle shaft to dutchman axles to get it shortened and re-splined. That's the easiest and cheapest way to do it. That's what it...
  15. FordRanger89

    drivers side coil bracket ?

    ya your weld does suck, but you have a bigger problem. I see you have the bracket bolted to your radius arms and then welded to your axle. Those radius arms are made so they can move a little bit. That is why there are big C bushings. Something is going to give. Either your weld brakes or your...