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  1. fordmandan87

    Camper Shell / Cap availability?

    Does anyone have any idea as to when there will be a camper shell available in the u.s.?
  2. fordmandan87

    Front license plate bracket

    I was doing some reading and it seems like it snaps on to the bumper and is secured with 2 screws
  3. fordmandan87

    Show us your 2019-2020 Ford Ranger

    So I lost my mind and got back in the ranger family again. The last ranger I had was about 8 years ago and that was an 89 regular cab long bed with a 2.9 and 5 sp
  4. fordmandan87

    2.3 info

    i was wondering where the 2.3 likes to be as far as powerband and what rpm band nets best mileage.
  5. fordmandan87

    Remember the GMC Syclone? I want to build a Ranger version.

    just a thought rangers had a 112 in wheelbase starting in 98, 1/2 in difference from explorer. if not then a 98+ ranger frame ie. sla ifs with the older body on it could work. another benefit of 98+ ranger frame is that the explorer v8 will drop in easier than with older frame designs. since the...
  6. fordmandan87

    leaf pondering

    i was toying with the idea of sas for my 89 and i was wondering what leafs would be a good choice. i dont like the idea of using chevy leafs cause i hate everything gm. my intentions for this is for a trail capable rig that is good in the mud.
  7. fordmandan87

    john deere ranger

    well i have continued the theme from the photoshop thread and here it I have a 94 ranger 4cyl stick shift and with the power steering whine it sounds like a hydrostatic lawn mower. so far i have the wheels painted john deere yellow and the truck is green . my head liner had been falling down...
  8. fordmandan87

    john deer ranger

    I just bought a 94 ford ranger it is john deer green and I want to get an idea what it would look like with john deer graphics smaller version of tractor tires that fit within the wheel wells here are a couple of photos of the truck here are the graphics (planned to go on front fender)...
  9. fordmandan87


    I have a 92 ranger with a 2.9, and a fm146. well I got to thinking today and i was wondering if you can use the ignition from the 2.9 with a 4.0. I looked up the firing order and it is the same, and the cam synchro gear is the same as a distributer gear(I beleive). If I use the speed density...
  10. fordmandan87

    92/86 ranger

    Well i bought a 92 ford ranger last july. it has a 2.9, fm146, electric bw1354 8.8/35 with 3.55 gears. it sat in a field for 6 months with limited off-road thrashing here and there. I put it on the road a month ago as a daily driver to replace my explorer (busted tranny again) . A week...
  11. fordmandan87

    3.0 - 4.0

    a guy with a 3.0 wants to buy my tranny that came outta 4.0 will it fit?
  12. fordmandan87

    No Overdrive

    I have a SHITY MUTHER****IN PEICE OF SHIT CRAPOMATIC A4LD (venting over)and my overdrive, is gone the best i can tell my overdrive band broke. has anyone else ever had this happen
  13. fordmandan87

    300 i 6 swap

    too all of you who have or know someone who has swapped a 300 I6 into their rbv I am looking for any info on all aspectsinvolved in this swap (I KNOW a 302 swap would be easier but this is my choice not yours, boo me if you like)
  14. fordmandan87

    300 vs 302

    Ill take the 300 gotta love that inline torque and reliability
  15. fordmandan87

    need your opinion

    well my exploder might be blowing another tranny soo and it looks like the tranny shop wont cover it. my options are 5.0 swap or standard tranny swap. if i do the 5.0 swap what 5.0 would be the easiest to do thank you all in advance for your constructive responses

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