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  1. a4ld swap

    Anyone know if I can swap my a4ld to a 4r44e? I dont need od or lock up to work as its in a wheeler. Im finding it hard to find an A4lD trans for what I need but the 4r seems to be easier to come by. This would be in a 2.3 and is the bellhousing the same on the two as well?
  2. mudding in the bii

    I got to break in the bii last night in the mud. I put a 2 inch lift on and some 31x10.5s. Welded the rear diff, removed the rear sway bar and maid a disconnect for the front. She did real good when I was driving....then I let the wife take it out. She calls to tell me shes stuck and she thinks...
  3. TK5 Popping out of 5th gear

    Just as the title says I have a TK5 in my truck and its been pooping out of overdrive unless I hold it in but even then its been TRYing to pop out. Any help, Ive got the engine out rebuilding now.