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  1. forddude

    Dana 35 U joint upgrade snap ring size? Part #?

    Does any have a part number for the full circle snap ring used when doing the dana 35 u joint upgrade? Thanks
  2. forddude

    whats the difference between m50dr1 & m5odr1HD

    Will a 97 explorer 5 speed fit in a 91 4.0 ranger, i saw that in97 explorer the transmission were m50d-r1hd, and the ranger is a m50d-r1. is there a difference, and will it work?
  3. forddude

    Idling High

    My 91 4.0 is idling at 1500 rpm. i replaced the throttle position sensor and the water temp sensor and the damn thing is still doing it. any suggestions?
  4. forddude

    Help With Regearing 8.8

    If anyone that lives in, or near, Cincinnati Ohio that knows how to put gears in my 8.8 and would do it for free, or cheap. please pm me. thanks
  5. forddude

    Tranny swap Question

    ok, i have a 89 ranger 4x4 2.9 with A4LD in it. I have a 91 ranger parts truck with a 4.0 and its 2wd. I found a 92 exploxer sport with 4.0 4x4 and 5 speed trans in it, will the exploxer trans bolt to the 91 ranger motor and work in the 89 body?
  6. forddude

    upgrading axles

    I have a 1989 supercab ranger 4x4 with a 2.9 liter. its got the dana 28 in the front and the 7.5 in the rear, i got a dana 35 for the front and a 8.8 for the rear off of a 1994 ranger. i believe i will have front drive shaft issues and im not sure what to do. if you know of any other problems or...